Today BlackRock’s yield is near the upper end of its historical range (1.2% to 3.5%) meaning that the 19% undervalued shares represent a great opportunity to buy the Amazon of asset managers and lock in about 19% long-term total returns. That equates to nearly 500% total returns over the next decade and make BlackRock one of the best dividend growth blue-chips you can buy today.

Bottom Line: Stocks Are Always Climbing A Wall Of Worry So Take Advantage Of Market Fears To Buy Quality Undervalued Dividend Blue Chips

Stocks are a risk asset, and thus prone to periods of strong negative volatility. But it’s important to remember that the market has generated its excellent historical returns not despite corrections, but precisely because of them. Periods of strong market fear are the perfect time to buy deeply undervalued quality dividend stocks.

Today the market’s overblown worries about Fed rate hikes (which are likely to stop soon) make BlackRock and Texas Instruments are two of my favorite recommendations. That’s owing to their wide moats, excellent management, and great long-term dividend growth prospects. Combined with the most attractive valuations in years, that means both should deliver not just safe and fast-rising dividends in the future, but market market-crushing 18% to 19% CAGR total returns as well.

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