Central Banks Increase Gold Demand

Gold has had a nice little run-up lately, which always prompts a trickle of emails asking why.  Here at The Gold Enthusiast, we look at demand for gold, supply of gold, currency exchange rates and “geopolitical factors” as being the main drivers

3 Stock Plays to Make for the Super Bowl

For all the recent controversy surrounding the NFL, from concussions to blown calls to politics, the Superbowl remains the most widely viewed event — acting as both a touchstone of consumer culture and for the economy’s pulse. Everything from which

Gold’s Up, But Where Does That Leave Silver?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve noticed gold’s run-up these past few weeks.  The year started off with all kinds of speculation about how far gold would rise in 2019 – with a minority thinking it would drop.  Well so far the

Should You Be ‘Hanging Up’ on AT&T?

AT&T, once known as Ma Bell, had once been the monopolistic umbilic chord linking people into the telecommunications revolution before being broken up into baby bells.   Its attempt to reclaim consumers’ full attention through multiple acquisitions has failed miserably.

Investors Still Uncertain About the S&P 500

By the end of this week, over half of the S&P 500 will have reported earnings. But, investors still seem uncertain and unwilling to commit to a new direction. This quarter’s earnings reports were supposed to provide some clarity as

Gold Breaks Out Above Recent Resistance

Gold broke above recent resistance Friday with a strong move to the 1300 level (international price in USD).  That move was followed up at the start of the new week with a strong move above 1300.  The chart of GLD,

Will VXX’s Last Day of Trading Lead to Chaos?

As discussed, the popular volatility product the Barclay’s iPath S&P 500 VIX (VXX) will cease trading and be delisted this coming Tuesday, January 29th. As explained, this was a planned event as Barclay’s originally structured the product as an Exchange