Best & Worst Performing Small Cap Stocks for December 6, 2018

NYSE: FGP | Ferrellgas Partners, L.P.  News, Ratings, and Charts

FGP – FGP leads the way today as the best performing small cap stock, closing up 68.42%.

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Here are today’s best and worst performing Small Cap Stocks (less than $2 billion market cap) for Thursday, December 6th, 2018.

Best Performing Small Cap Stocks Of The Day

SymbolNameLastOpenHighLowDay ChgYTD Chg12M ChgMkt CapPOWR
FGPFerrellgas Partners, L.P. Common Stock1.280.831.280.800.52
-67.41%-71.30%124.35M D
UXINUxin Limited – ADS3.763.204.903.200.90
-61.12%-61.12%1.10B NR
Not Rated
MARKRemark Holdings, Inc.1.801.371.801.350.43
-81.50%-76.00%59.67M F
Strong Sell
MDCAMDC Partners Inc. – Class A Subordinate Voting Shares3.282.673.292.570.78
-66.36%-71.23%188.63M D
KLXEKLX Energy Services Holdings, Inc.25.2321.0025.8821.005.43
-15.87%-15.87%562.63M NR
Not Rated
OZMOch-Ziff Capital Management Group LLC Class A Shares representing Class A limited liability company interests1.
-48.67%-58.04%590.35M D
APHAAphria Inc. Common Shares5.543.905.593.751.03
-62.44%-46.78%1.38B F
Strong Sell
KODKodiak Sciences Inc9.307.549.317.251.70
-8.46%-8.46%342.52M NR
Not Rated
CRMDCorMedix Inc Common Stock1.651.391.691.360.30
230.00%194.64%173.76M C
LQDTLiquidity Services, Inc.
49.90%52.25%233.51M C
PHASPhaseBio Pharmaceuticals, Inc.3.883.283.963.200.60
-22.40%-22.40%95.06M NR
Not Rated
MRNSMarinus Pharmaceuticals, Inc.5.314.505.334.450.79
-34.93%-14.22%215.21M F
Strong Sell
DFRGDel Frisco’s Restaurant Group, Inc.7.906.978.226.961.12
-48.20%-45.33%263.23M D
AQSTAquestive Therapeutics, Inc.8.757.558.917.551.20
-45.48%-45.48%218.23M NR
Not Rated
ARDMAradigm Corporation0.690.620.690.610.09
-89.70%-82.89%10.50M F
Strong Sell
KMPHKemPharm, Inc.2.952.632.992.500.35
-27.16%-19.18%78.03M F
Strong Sell
ASNSArsanis, Inc.3.813.233.943.110.44
-70.14%-71.03%54.52M D
VSECVSE Corporation31.9529.5532.8929.553.61
-33.56%-31.53%347.62M D
HDPHortonworks, Inc.17.0715.1417.2314.971.92
-15.12%-10.16%1.43B D
CLDRCloudera, Inc. Common Stock13.0111.6913.2411.421.42
-21.25%-17.29%1.97B D
ADROAduro Biotech, Inc.2.882.572.892.520.31
-61.60%-64.88%228.67M F
Strong Sell
YI111, Inc.7.987.187.997.180.81
-42.17%-42.17%644.23M NR
Not Rated
ANTHAnthera Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
-97.58%-97.65%1.05M F
Strong Sell
BVXBovie Medical Corporation Common Stock7.506.607.556.500.71
188.46%161.32%249.00M B
NRCIBNational Research Corporation53.0151.9553.3750.384.97
-5.44%32.56%1.30B NR
Not Rated
ROIARadio One, Inc. – Class A Common Stock2.752.952.952.650.25
-6.78%10.44%132.88M NR
Not Rated
MESAMesa Air Group, Inc.11.6910.5311.8410.421.06
-0.51%-0.51%270.27M NR
Not Rated
HEARTurtle Beach Corporation17.5715.3317.7315.201.59
876.11%761.27%250.20M F
Strong Sell
ENZEnzo Biochem, Inc. Common Stock ($0.01 Par Value)3.272.983.382.960.29
-59.88%-64.72%154.28M D
SOLRenesola Ltd. American Depsitary Shares (Each representing 10 shares)1.531.401.561.400.13
-42.48%-47.42%58.29M D
CRHMCRH Medical Corporation Common Shares of Beneficial Interest3.673.223.713.220.31
38.49%59.57%266.26M C
CVRSCorindus Vascular Robotics, Inc. (DE) Common Stock1.321.251.331.190.11
30.69%16.81%252.54M C
CZWICitizens Community Bancorp, Inc.12.9011.7812.9011.781.05
-3.04%-6.18%76.24M C
FLNTFluent, Inc.3.913.583.923.510.31
17.30%27.44%294.38M C
MNTXManitex International, Inc. – common stock6.846.267.316.200.53
-28.75%-22.80%134.20M D
OCULOcular Therapeutix, Inc.6.065.576.095.500.46
36.40%54.99%249.48M C
MNTAMomenta Pharmaceuticals, Inc.12.0810.3712.0910.100.91
-13.41%-0.98%949.01M F
Strong Sell
JONEJones Energy, Inc. Class A Common Stock0.950.880.950.870.07
-99.79%-99.76%4.86M F
Strong Sell
HEBTHebron Technology Co., Ltd. – Class A Common Shares0.950.780.950.780.07
-63.88%-68.23%13.96M F
Strong Sell
LGIHLGI Homes, Inc.44.1240.7344.3140.683.13
-41.20%-34.30%1.00B D
HDSNHudson Technologies, Inc.1.841.561.941.400.13
-69.69%-66.61%78.02M D
BNEDBarnes & Noble Education, Inc Common Stock4.804.634.844.350.33
-41.75%-37.66%225.22M D
ABEOAbeona Therapeutics Inc.8.157.398.157.300.56
-48.58%-44.93%390.71M F
Strong Sell
LSCCLattice Semiconductor Corporation6.996.397.126.310.48
20.93%25.27%905.35M C
VERIVeritone, Inc.5.715.165.854.950.39
-75.39%-73.34%110.37M F
Strong Sell
STIMNeuronetics, Inc.19.8918.4320.4418.421.35
-28.40%-28.40%349.67M NR
Not Rated
HOVHovnanian Enterprises, Inc. Class A Common Stock1.
-64.78%-52.99%175.09M F
Strong Sell
AXONAxovant Sciences Ltd.1.771.651.781.560.12
-66.41%-64.81%216.44M F
Strong Sell
KTOSKratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc.13.7412.5413.7812.420.93
29.75%34.84%1.43B C
FOMXFoamix Pharmaceuticals Ltd. – Ordinary Shares4.294.034.373.990.29
-28.62%-24.87%232.86M D

Worst Performing Small Cap Stocks Of The Day

SymbolNameLastOpenHighLowDay ChgYTD Chg12M ChgMkt CapPOWR
MDXGMiMedx Group, Inc1.201.511.600.95-1.75
-90.48%-89.52%133.25M D
BIOABioAmber Inc. Common Stock0.
-96.80%-99.42%1.66M NR
Not Rated
CNATConatus Pharmaceuticals Inc.1.942.152.611.80-2.56
-58.01%-50.51%58.70M D
SNSanchez Energy Corporation Common Stock0.410.570.600.23-0.30
-92.28%-91.38%35.89M F
Strong Sell
SNMPSanchez Midstream Partners LP Common Stock1.902.502.721.55-0.83
-80.16%-81.55%30.76M D
HXHexindai Inc. – ADR2.242.642.882.15-0.76
-78.86%-80.09%113.03M F
Strong Sell
WLBWestmoreland Coal Company0.
-87.60%-98.74%2.82M NR
Not Rated
TROXTronox Limited Ordinary Shares Class A $0.01 par7.699.349.426.46-2.32
-62.07%-58.72%945.33M F
Strong Sell
PTXPernix Therapeutics Holdings, Inc.0.440.701.140.43-0.13
-81.67%-82.40%6.38M F
Strong Sell
MEIMethode Electronics, Inc. Common Stock25.0130.2130.2124.07-6.18
-36.88%-45.03%925.12M C
NOVNNovan, Inc.1.331.511.611.29-0.26
-68.72%-72.45%34.40M F
Strong Sell
NPTNNeoPhotonics Corporation Common Stock6.496.006.555.84-1.25
-1.37%1.41%298.87M C
CFRXContraFect Corporation2.082.372.442.08-0.39
105.94%133.71%165.17M B
LELands’ End, Inc.17.9322.0322.5017.77-3.30
-8.29%28.07%577.53M C
MVISMicrovision, Inc.0.660.700.710.65-0.12
-59.51%-56.09%61.43M F
Strong Sell
HOMEAt Home Group Inc. Common Stock23.7524.0024.3921.01-4.06
-21.85%-3.85%1.51B C
VNTRVenator Materials PLC Ordinary Shares4.294.854.854.07-0.72
-80.61%-79.15%456.46M F
Strong Sell
GIIIG-III Apparel Group, LTD.34.9137.0037.0230.36-5.85
-5.37%-0.46%1.72B C
SNSSSunesis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.0.420.490.490.40-0.07
-88.62%-81.48%15.72M F
Strong Sell
CYADCelyad SA21.3022.3922.3920.54-3.45
-50.58%-43.12%210.23M D
PFMTPerformant Financial Corporation1.491.721.721.49-0.24
-9.70%-17.45%78.96M D
TENXTenax Therapeutics, Inc.1.681.872.181.62-0.27
-82.86%-76.67%2.47M F
Strong Sell
TTNPTitan Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
-81.13%-83.60%19.49M F
Strong Sell
AKRXAkorn, Inc.5.596.126.184.82-0.89
-82.66%-82.90%701.49M F
Strong Sell
LLEXLilis Energy, Inc. Common Stock2.112.342.452.11-0.33
-58.71%-53.42%151.86M F
Strong Sell
PLCEChildren’s Place, Inc. (The)106.67104.31108.4799.54-16.48
-25.79%-20.99%1.75B C
HAHawaiian Holdings, Inc.33.1636.8336.8732.52-4.85
-15.74%-16.26%1.64B B
VIVEViveve Medical, Inc.1.862.102.151.84-0.27
-62.58%-62.35%58.66M D
MJCOMajesco Common Stock6.
16.20%16.20%228.82M C
PCOPendrell Corporation – Class A Common Stock634.50722.22722.22634.50-88.30
-6.00%-0.39%152.28M NR
Not Rated
MLNTMelinta Therapeutics, Inc.1.902.112.131.88-0.25
-87.97%-87.82%106.44M F
Strong Sell
HLXHelix Energy Solutions Group, Inc. Common Stock7.398.098.097.23-0.96
-1.99%16.01%1.09B C
LQDALiquidia Technologies, Inc.21.7924.3624.3620.43-2.80
96.31%96.31%337.31M NR
Not Rated
UROVUrovant Sciences Ltd.6.957.427.506.90-0.89
-40.34%-40.34%210.72M NR
Not Rated
IMRNImmuron Limited7.808.708.707.39-0.99
47.45%60.16%27.85M D
GSTGastar Exploration Inc Common Stock0.
-94.29%-90.26%13.14M NR
Not Rated
FTSIFTS International, Inc. Common Stock7.668.358.657.53-0.93
-62.83%-62.83%814.64M NR
Not Rated
TAXLiberty Tax, Inc. – Class A Common Stock9.208.609.608.20-1.10
-16.36%-35.33%117.94M NR
Not Rated
CRCCalifornia Resources Corporation Common Stock21.0720.9921.9920.00-2.52
8.38%25.79%1.02B F
Strong Sell
SIBNSI-BONE, Inc.17.4419.1020.1617.08-1.96
-13.06%-13.06%424.49M NR
Not Rated
CBNKCapital Bancorp, Inc.12.4113.6313.6312.37-1.39
-3.05%-3.05%168.03M NR
Not Rated
VNCEVince Holding Corp. Common Stock10.9111.7911.7910.71-1.22
76.25%131.63%126.77M F
Strong Sell
TUSKMammoth Energy Services, Inc.21.4923.5024.1821.44-2.39
10.36%24.15%961.89M D
LGCYLegacy Reserves Inc.1.811.972.011.77-0.20
12.42%33.09%192.66M D
RFILRF Industries, Ltd.7.367.207.406.80-0.81
175.28%220.00%68.37M D
ATNMActinium Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Delaware) Common Stock0.470.500.510.46-0.05
-28.79%-29.85%54.38M D
EQEquillium, Inc.14.4115.5516.4013.92-1.49
2.93%2.93%250.45M NR
Not Rated
GLBSGlobus Maritime Limited3.583.904.023.50-0.37
-68.87%-72.67%11.46M F
Strong Sell
LAKELakeland Industries, Inc.12.0012.8512.8611.90-1.24
-17.53%-12.73%97.44M C
IVCInvacare Corporation Common Stock4.675.105.104.66-0.48
-72.20%-72.61%155.04M D

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