Best & Worst Performing Small Cap Stocks for May 29, 2019

NASDAQ: OBLN | Obalon Therapeutics, Inc. News, Ratings, and Charts

OBLN – OBLN leads the way today as the best performing small cap stock, closing up 59.15%.

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Here are today’s best and worst performing Small Cap Stocks (less than $2 billion market cap) for Wednesday, May 29th, 2019.

Best Performing Small Cap Stocks Of The Day

SymbolNameLastOpenHighLowDay ChgYTD Chg12M ChgMkt CapPOWR
OBLNObalon Therapeutics, Inc.1.130.771.480.720.42
-45.41%-55.51%27.12M D
SOLYSoliton, Inc.20.2821.1029.0017.366.06
316.43%316.43%297.67M NR
Not Rated
VLRXValeritas Holdings, Inc.3.902.894.402.881.07
-40.18%-87.50%20.71M D
RWLKReWalk Robotics Ltd. – Ordinary Shares4.083.354.203.161.11
-6.21%-84.46%18.43M D
TTPHTetraphase Pharmaceuticals, Inc.0.960.771.030.710.21
-15.04%-74.28%52.09M F
Strong Sell
CHAPChaparral Energy, Inc. Class A Common Stock4.463.644.493.490.83
-9.35%-78.56%207.17M F
Strong Sell
NETSNetshoes (Cayman) Limited Common Shares3.703.403.843.340.65
148.32%24.58%114.81M B
CARACara Therapeutics, Inc.21.5720.4521.8119.793.59
65.92%26.73%857.45M C
MDJHMDJM LTD – Ordinary Shares2.612.352.942.330.32
-44.47%-44.47%30.38M NR
Not Rated
ZNZion Oil & Gas Inc0.440.410.450.390.05
4.76%-87.54%32.11M D
CMCOColumbus McKinnon Corporation36.7036.6437.1534.504.10
22.13%-2.78%857.13M D
OPNTOpiant Pharmaceuticals, Inc.11.5010.3811.5010.381.25
-20.42%-29.23%45.14M F
Strong Sell
APTOAptose Biosciences, Inc.
17.80%-37.50%98.47M D
KELYBKelly Services, Inc. – Class B Common Stock23.4023.3923.4423.392.43
-4.59%-2.50%909.61M NR
Not Rated
FCSCFibrocell Science Inc.
38.00%-27.87%20.20M F
Strong Sell
NRCIBNational Research Corporation53.0151.9553.3750.384.97
-5.44%32.56%1.30B NR
Not Rated
PBTSPowerbridge Technologies Co., Ltd. – Ordinary Shares4.113.934.173.730.38
-20.04%-20.04%35.57M NR
Not Rated
ROIARadio One, Inc. – Class A Common Stock2.752.952.952.650.25
-6.78%10.44%132.88M NR
Not Rated
SNDXSyndax Pharmaceuticals, Inc.7.997.
79.55%-11.91%216.50M C
CHMAChiasma, Inc.7.486.857.606.690.66
140.51%382.58%237.63M A
Strong Buy
NBYNovaBay Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Common Stock0.340.320.370.300.03
-55.84%-86.67%6.46M F
Strong Sell
SESNSesen Bio, Inc.2.462.262.462.170.19
73.24%41.38%190.56M B
NYMXNymox Pharmaceutical Corporation1.821.661.821.570.14
38.93%-50.14%123.17M F
Strong Sell
NYNYEmpire Resorts, Inc.12.9011.9813.3811.710.99
27.34%-38.28%443.93M D
CFMSConformis, Inc.3.443.183.493.080.26
855.56%160.61%233.45M B
ACRXAcelRx Pharmaceuticals, Inc.2.832.592.852.550.21
22.51%-11.56%223.33M F
Strong Sell
CTKCooTek (Cayman) Inc. American Depositary Shares, each representing 50 Class A Ordinary Shares9.939.1010.239.100.73
19.35%5.19%634.70M NR
Not Rated
ASCMAAscent Capital Group, Inc. – Series A Common Stock1.371.251.431.250.10
251.28%-36.28%17.09M D
ITRMIterum Therapeutics plc – Ordinary Share6.756.506.976.480.49
34.73%-47.48%94.22M D
ORNOrion Group Holdings, Inc. Common2.
-48.02%-70.46%64.83M D
AMRAlta Mesa Resources, Inc. – Class A Common Stock0.
-86.00%-97.97%53.32M F
Strong Sell
SLNOSoleno Therapeutics, Inc.2.552.402.652.290.18
49.12%24.39%81.03M D
LWAYLifeway Foods, Inc.2.452.292.452.210.17
30.32%-52.70%38.70M D
FLGTFulgent Genetics, Inc.5.985.815.985.810.40
88.64%56.54%109.58M C
ZYNEZynerba Pharmaceuticals, Inc.12.9311.6513.3411.330.85
335.35%27.51%272.50M B
FTRFrontier Communications Corporation1.862.162.171.830.12
-22.27%-75.81%194.79M D
PTIEPain Therapeutics, Inc.
45.88%-80.98%21.35M NR
Not Rated
RICKRCI Hospitality Holdings, Inc.17.8516.5018.0016.431.09
-19.96%-44.27%172.98M D
GPRKGeopark Ltd Common Shares16.5515.2916.6515.271.01
19.75%6.77%992.01M C
EVFMEvofem Biosciences, Inc.5.925.426.085.420.36
41.29%37.67%209.37M B
NTIPNetwork-1 Technologies, Inc. Common Stock2.362.232.462.230.14
7.96%-18.62%56.38M D
BGSB&G Foods, Inc. B&G Foods, Inc. Common Stock23.6122.2323.8422.101.40
-16.75%-15.22%1.54B D
HLTHNobilis Health Corp. Common Stock0.
-59.52%-84.35%13.30M D
MPVDMountain Province Diamonds Inc.0.850.830.860.830.05
-40.97%-69.09%178.59M D
VCNXVaccinex, Inc.6.806.766.806.500.40
86.56%-40.25%78.06M NR
Not Rated
AKRXAkorn, Inc.4.093.794.143.690.24
20.65%-70.93%514.73M D
SYSo-Young International Inc. – American Depository Shares15.5214.6916.0014.400.87
-14.73%-14.73%1.57B NR
Not Rated
RMRegional Management Corp. Common Stock25.4924.0025.6024.001.43
5.99%-28.98%304.56M D
HCLPHi-Crush Partners LP Common Units representing limited partner interests2.542.372.542.300.14
-29.05%-80.68%256.81M D
LNDBrasilagro Brazilian Agric Real Estate Co Sponsored ADR (Brazil)4.033.874.033.870.22
0.25%8.92%229.26M C

Worst Performing Small Cap Stocks Of The Day

SymbolNameLastOpenHighLowDay ChgYTD Chg12M ChgMkt CapPOWR
ARDMAradigm Corporation0.120.310.350.07-0.34
-62.50%-90.77%1.83M NR
Not Rated
BIOABioAmber Inc. Common Stock0.
-96.80%-99.42%1.66M NR
Not Rated
SGYPSynergy Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
-73.68%-98.65%7.44M NR
Not Rated
DHCPDitech Holding Corporation Common Stock0.
-5.00%-99.07%493.00K NR
Not Rated
KONAKona Grill, Inc.
-90.95%-94.57%1.26M NR
Not Rated
PHIIKPHI, Inc. – Non-Voting Common Stock0.641.041.090.55-0.39
-65.41%-93.59%10.12M NR
Not Rated
EVHEvolent Health, Inc Class A Common Stock10.0114.0414.049.85-4.14
-49.82%-49.82%827.59M D
LKMLink Motion Inc. American Depositary Shares, each representing five Class A common shares0.
-96.27%-96.25%14.66M NR
Not Rated
ANFAbercrombie & Fitch Company Common Stock18.3919.6620.2018.27-6.62
-7.56%-27.74%1.23B C
WLBWestmoreland Coal Company0.
-87.60%-98.74%2.82M NR
Not Rated
ACETAceto Corporation0.
-84.52%-98.12%4.01M NR
Not Rated
IPCIIntellipharmaceutics International Inc.
-13.22%-96.60%4.60M NR
Not Rated
CCIHChinaCache International Holdings Ltd.0.880.850.980.76-0.22
-22.12%-28.72%23.45M NR
Not Rated
HDSNHudson Technologies, Inc.1.681.982.011.62-0.33
88.76%-33.07%71.57M B
PESPioneer Energy Services Corp. Common Stk0.320.360.360.30-0.06
-73.98%-93.66%25.11M F
Strong Sell
YINYintech Investment Holdings Limited5.356.186.185.35-1.00
-12.30%-45.57%377.45M D
SLSSELLAS Life Sciences Group, Inc.0.500.560.590.49-0.09
-59.35%-90.18%12.59M F
Strong Sell
LBYLibbey, Inc. Common Stock1.872.152.181.87-0.32
-51.80%-71.49%41.65M D
FELPForesight Energy LP Common Units representing Limited Partner Interests0.830.990.990.81-0.14
-75.79%-78.10%121.09M D
NMNavios Maritime Holdings Inc. Common Stock3.073.563.593.00-0.50
13.70%-61.14%35.96M D
MNIMcClatchy Company (The) Common Stock2.102.592.592.10-0.32
-72.55%-79.71%16.64M D
ONVOOrganovo Holdings, Inc.0.400.480.480.38-0.06
-58.33%-79.04%47.80M D
JILLJ. Jill, Inc. Common Stock3.614.054.073.54-0.51
-32.27%-38.18%158.54M F
Strong Sell
XYFX Financial American Depositary Shares, each representing two Class A Ordinary Shares4.254.654.654.16-0.60
1.07%-64.49%641.93M NR
Not Rated
CBLCBL & Associates Properties, Inc. Common Stock0.850.980.990.83-0.12
-53.63%-82.31%147.46M D
PCOPendrell Corporation – Class A Common Stock634.50722.22722.22634.50-88.30
-6.00%-0.39%152.28M NR
Not Rated
TMDXTransMedics Group, Inc.26.5030.0030.1326.44-3.64
18.52%18.52%536.25M NR
Not Rated
HAIRRestoration Robotics, Inc.0.510.580.590.50-0.07
15.91%-84.36%20.84M D
IMUXImmunic, Inc.9.3810.2210.319.26-1.28
23.42%-95.89%9.93M F
Strong Sell
IMRNImmuron Limited3.393.593.603.18-0.46
-41.65%-60.81%12.10M F
Strong Sell
ATAtlantic Power Corporation Ordinary Shares (Canada)2.312.602.632.27-0.30
6.45%2.67%253.40M B
SELBSelecta Biosciences, Inc.
-23.31%-83.55%91.37M F
Strong Sell
GSTGastar Exploration Inc Common Stock0.
-94.29%-90.26%13.14M NR
Not Rated
RVLTRevolution Lighting Technologies, Inc.
-37.50%-94.34%5.62M D
TAXLiberty Tax, Inc. – Class A Common Stock9.208.609.608.20-1.10
-16.36%-35.33%117.94M NR
Not Rated
SDLPSeadrill Partners LLC Common Units Representing Limited Liability Company Interests0.420.450.450.35-0.05
-75.14%-87.45%31.62M D
BRSBristow Group Inc. Common Stock0.290.320.320.27-0.03
-88.07%-98.37%10.38M NR
Not Rated
MGIMoneygram International, Inc.1.441.611.611.43-0.17
-28.00%-78.21%81.20M D
FSNNFusion Connect, Inc.
-95.24%-98.33%6.57M D
AACAAC Holdings, Inc. Common Stock1.
-20.71%-90.26%28.09M D
SRNESorrento Therapeutics, Inc.2.953.343.342.63-0.34
22.92%-62.42%361.53M D
SMRTStein Mart, Inc.0.790.880.890.78-0.09
-26.17%-76.79%37.80M F
Strong Sell
CAMPCalAmp Corp.10.9411.9111.9110.87-1.24
-15.91%-48.66%367.55M F
Strong Sell
ZFGNZafgen, Inc.2.392.662.762.38-0.27
-51.72%-61.39%89.21M F
Strong Sell
LEJULeju Holdings Limited American Depositary Shares, each representing one Ordinary share1.351.501.501.33-0.15
-3.57%17.39%183.28M D
MLNTMelinta Therapeutics, Inc.2.272.492.492.18-0.25
-42.53%-92.74%26.74M F
Strong Sell
JMUJMU Limited – ADS1.
57.14%-82.26%9.02M F
Strong Sell
TEUMPareteum Corporation4.304.634.644.27-0.46
154.44%79.17%476.97M B
LOGCLogicBio Therapeutics, Inc.15.4417.0017.0015.44-1.64
48.46%34.26%347.31M NR
Not Rated
WHLRWheeler Real Estate Investment Trust, Inc.1.701.911.911.66-0.18
91.01%-58.33%16.48M D

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