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You are Just Minutes Away From Trading Like a
Hedge Fund Titan.

For Just $1, You Can Use the "POWR of Quant Investing" to Cut Through the Noise and FINALLY Find the Stocks that Will Deliver the Profits You're Looking For!

Dear Trader,

Some of the most successful Wall Street players are Quants.

Meaning investors that use computer driven models and rules based investing to make their trading more profitable and efficient.

The "Quants" have been dominating Wall Street for decades...legendary investors like Ed Thorp, Jim Simons, and even Ray Dalio.

By using quantitative analysis the Wall Street elite can search every publicly traded security in mere seconds to find the stocks that match up to their stringent trading requirements. They rarely miss a single opportunity.

And with quantitative analysis there is no human error. The computer didn't have an argument with its spouse in the morning, or spill hot coffee on itself while it drove to work.

The computer is never distracted because its vacation is starting at the end of the day, or because it just found out it is about to have a baby.

There is no emotion, no second guessing the numbers. The stock either meets the rules or it doesn't.

Not only that, but a single computer can do the work of a room full of analysts...and the computer will do the work much faster!

THAT is the power of quantitative analysis...

But even the most powerful quant system has a weakness… a built in flaw. I will explain what it is in just a moment, but first…

Hi, my name is Steve Reitmeister. You may know me best for writing Zacks.com's daily email newsletter read by millions of investors from 2001 to 2017.

Or perhaps you know me as leading two of the highest performing investment newsletters according to the Hulbert Financial Digest. (Zacks Advisor and Reitmeister Trading Alert).

Or perhaps you just know me as "Reity"...the guy who currently heads StockNews.com providing helpful insights on market direction. The point is that for 40 years I have been considered by many to be one of the most respected investors and financial journalists on Wall Street.

Today I want to tell you how you can leverage the power of quantitative analysis to start finding and entering winning stock trades in as little as an hour per week.

And I want to give you complete access to it for just $1!

I'll explain the details in just a moment, but first...

You need to understand that for the average investor a custom developed quant system is way out of reach. You are never going to spend the thousands of hours necessary to develop a proven strategy then hire a team of programmers to write the software for your personal use.

It's just not feasible.

The good news is, you don't need a customized quant system, because as a member of StockNews.com you already have access to one of the best stock quant models available anywhere…

POWR Ratings

You are undoubtedly familiar with the POWR Ratings system.

That's because millions of investors use the POWR Ratings every year on StockNews.com to determine the best stocks to buy…and the ones to sell immediately.

Every day the POWR Rating system scours the investment landscape looking for the stocks with the most upside potential. And thus every day new stocks are ascending to Strong Buys...or dropping to Strong Sells.

The top rated "A" coveted by investors because of the average annual return of +30.72%. Here are more complete details on the performance of the POWR Ratings.

Performance Chart showing annual return of +30.72%

So as you can see clearly in this chart, the POWR Rating system will not only help you find the best stocks with the potential of generational growth, but it will also help you know what stocks to avoid.

However, to be honest, the above performance details drastically understates the true long term benefit of applying the POWR Ratings to your portfolio. That is why you should check out the following chart showing the value of a $10,000 investment in the A rated stocks over time.

Returns Chart showing the value of a $10,000 investment in the A rated stocks over time grows to $3.6 million

Yes, that $10,000 investment in 1999 would have grown to over $3.6 million today.

That is because the +30.72% compounded annual return of the A rated stocks doubled 4 times more often than the S&P 500.

This consistent, year after year outperformance, would have added up to make a significant difference in your financial future. And now imagine how these returns might apply to your personal situation for those starting with more than $10,000.

But we now have to talk about…

The inherent weakness in the POWR Ratings system, and in every quantitative analysis trading system ever created...

Quantitative analysis has changed Wall Street forever.

However, as powerful a tool as it is, there still is no algorithm that can replace investment experience. That's because even the most powerful quant system still needs someone who knows what they are doing to oversee and interpret the findings.

The question I hear most often from StockNews members is, "There are hundreds of stocks that are rated as strong buys by the POWR Ratings. Which 5 to 10 are the best ones for my portfolio???"

Yes it can seem overwhelming. And if you don't have the right experience, or the time necessary, this system might just add to your confusion.

That is exactly why we developed the POWR Charts trading service.

I have partnered with one of the best chart readers on Wall Street today, Christian Tharp.

Christian is a Chartered Market Technician (CMT), which is the highest level of technical analysis training available anywhere.

In fact, there are only 4500 CMTs in the entire world. Considering there are almost 40,000 police officers in New York City alone, you can get an idea how rare and special it is to achieve that designation.

However, what truly matters is results. So here are what some of Christian's subscribers are saying about him and his trading acumen:

"Christian is a true master."

Barbara D.

"Christian is an expert in his field but also manages to pass on his knowledge in an understandable and simple manner. He is very personable and explains things very well.

And ultimately delivers very successful results!"

Ross M.

"He has a tremendous amount of experience and has the ability to teach others in a very clear and understandable manner. Christian emphasizes the disciplined and consistent trading principles required to be successful."

Scott H.

"Christian is a brilliant, no-nonsense analyst whose expertise in using both long term trendlines and short term price action to identify setup trades is outstanding."

Michael K.

"Christian gives readers specific picks while providing his rationale for the choices he makes. It has helped me to erase the red ink from my own less than stellar choices, and is teaching me how to pick stocks proficiently on my own!"

Scott K.

Christian is also the lead market analyst for our sister company, Adam Mesh Trading Group, where he makes his research available in several trading services for traders of all experience levels - ranging from complete beginners to experienced traders.

Christian has truly been on fire all year. In one of his services the subscribers had the chance to amass as much as $40,000 in profits in just a 30 day period from a starting allocation of just $10,000.

In my 40 years in this business I have never seen someone who understood trading the charts and technicals as well as Christian.

There is simply no question in my mind that he is doing exactly what he was put on Earth to do…and so happy that he will be doing it for the customers of the POWR Charts trading service.

Of course, just as there is no algorithm to duplicate Christian's experience, there is no way Christian can review every stock that is publicly traded every day. Nor even every week.

That's why matching his tremendous trading experience with the POWR Ratings quantitative system creates a perfect solution to help you find the stocks ready to outperform.

Meaning that Christian reviews all of the POWR Ratings, then reviews the technicals of each company and settles on a handful of stocks that have the right momentum and the right chart setups…

He then sends timely buy and sell recommendations to the members of our new POWR Charts trading service.

By combining the power of quantitative analysis to find the opportunities, then adding the experience of Christian to pick the specific positions - we ensure that we can take advantage of the best possible opportunities.

While we can't guarantee any results, if Christian's track record is any indicator our subscribers are going to have a great chance to trade their way to outsized gains.

I Want to Give You Full Access to the POWR Charts Trading Service for Just $1!

Look, I'm going to level with you. If you've been around the financial newsletter business for any amount of time you've seen highly produced videos that go for an hour or more designed to sell you a newsletter or trading services.

They are often full of hyperbolic claims and ridiculous over the top promises.

I've always found that kind of thing distasteful and unnecessary.

And I've always believed that if you offer a superior service there's no need for all that nonsense.

Bottom line, if we make you money you'd be a fool to leave, and if we don't make you money you'd be a fool to stay.

That's why I want to invite you to start a 30 day trial to the POWR Charts trading service for just a single solitary dollar.

Then over the next 30 days you'll get:

You get everything above and more for a the next 30 days for just $1.

What Happens After the 30 Day Trial?

Most likely you will want to stay a member of POWR Charts trading service after the trial to get the benefit of the POWR Ratings plus Christian Tharp's technical expertise. If that is the case you have 2 great membership options:

However, if the service doesn't feel like the right fit for your investing style, then just cancel and not be charged further. In fact, we are even happy to give you a refund on the $1 trial amount.

Meaning there is absolutely no risk in taking a trial now. Just select your preferred membership option after the 30 day trial ends, then click the Start My Trial button.

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Wishing you a world of investment success,


Steve Reitmeister
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CEO, StockNews.com