It’s finally here — Election Day 2018.  Midterm elections for President Donald Trump’s first term in office  (just in case he gets re-elected).

Seems every election now is “the most important election of your life.”  Ten years ago, people were saying that because it was the first time a black man had a real chance of becoming President of These United States, which Barack Obama did become.  After soundly defeating political insider Hillary Clinton in the primaries.

Then 2012 was “most important” because those darn conservatives were threatening Barack’s reign in the White House.  President Obama won re-election but the Democrats lost the majority in the House but kept the Senate. Oh no, now the Democrats will have to actually negotiate with the other side rather than just get their way.  Which they hadn’t been able to do even while holding a Supermajority card if everyone just voted party lines.  Which shows just how difficult real leadership is, and how little of it the Democrats actually had.
Then two years ago some second-rate television “star” somehow pulled off the upset of the century.

The apparently undefeatable Democrat machine behind – once again – Hillary Clinton managed to lose an election against a political first-timer.  Donald Trump had even had trouble garnering the support of the Republican party, what with him being the outsider candidate.  But unlike Bernie Sanders, Trump was able to pull together a message that resonated across his side of the political spectrum, even stealing some critical votes from the Democratic side of the aisle.  Whoda thunk it.

Now, this election is “most important” because, well, all the usual reasons.  Only louder this time.  Except that the economy is actually doing relatively well (according to the Federal Reserve at least) and there really are masses of people marching toward the US border. A large number of incumbents have decided to call it quits for some reason, leaving behind jobs most people would LOVE to have – guaranteed free travel, high pay, high prestige, and income for life in some cases.  Seems you just can’t please some people.
What will the likely effect be on our favorite yellow metal?

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