Happy start of US Winter Holiday Week! With US markets only open until 1 pm Eastern today, then closed tomorrow for Christmas, then closed again next Monday for New Year’s Day, you might think traders will take this week off.  And you’ll probably be right.  Expect trading volumes to be light, which can exaggerate moves in the rare case that “something happens.”  Or, in most cases of normality (or boredom), trading will be dull and listless, with just enough traders watching to take fast advantage of small moves and dampen out any oscillations.

Expect gold to trade sideways-to-down today, then probably perk back up on Wednesday and Thursday. After all, gold bulls have been buying every dip for the last month, why would bargain hunting stop now?

Smart traders will set alerts to their cell phones and take as much time off as possible this week.  Earnings season comes soon enough in January, and January earnings season is well known for high volumes, high expectations, and unexpected news.  This year, with the longest bull market in history possibly ending, could see the return of short selling as a regular strategy rather than as an exception.

Everyone at The Gold Enthusiast wishes you and your family a Happy Holiday Week!  Celebrate all the holidays — why miss out on any fun?


The Gold Enthusiast

DISCLAIMER: No specific securities were mentioned in this article.  The author doesn’t expect to make any trades in the gold sector in the next 48 hours, seeing as how the US markets will be closed for most of them.  The author admits that he likes to celebrate holidays from around the world because people and cultures are fascinating.

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