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Steve Reitmeister is the CEO of the Stock News Network bringing 40 years of experience to help individual investors find outperformance. For the better part of the past two decades he was the Editor-in-Chief of Zacks.com where millions of investors enjoyed his timely market insights. His commentary has also been featured on other leading investment websites including Yahoo Finance, SeekingAlpha, CNNMoney and MarketWatch. Steve has an MBA from DePaul University and B.A. in Economics from the University of Wisconsin (Go Badgers!).

Steve is also the Editor of the Reitmeister Total Return portfolio service. This is where he puts those 40 years of experience to work for you in selecting the best trades for the current market environment. See the Reitmeister Total Return portfolio.

Recent Articles By Steve Reitmeister

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Is This ANOTHER Stock Market Bubble?

More and more experts are pointing to the stock market (SPY) being well above historical valuation levels. Then when you see the movement of stocks like Tesla its hard not to think of the tech bubble of 1999. So let’s review if this is indeed a bubble. And if so, then provide a game plan for how investors should ride it up and then parachute out before its too late. Read on below for more…
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The Stock of the Week is ???

Helen of Troy (HELE) is one of the most consistent growth companies around in the consumer goods space. Their earnings announcement last week reminded everyone that there is plenty of growth on hand and Wall Street is taking note. Read on for more...
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40 Years of Investing Wisdom in 4 Minutes

Steve Reitmeister boils down the lessons learned in his 40 year investing career into 9 simple to follow strategies that can help you outperform the stock market (SPY) in 2021. This includes how he bought Amazon (AMZN) and Priceline, now Booking (BKNG) back in 2001 and rode them to current highs. Now is a great time to learn these strategies to gain an advantage in the year ahead. Read on for more...
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Should Investors Beware January 6?

The stock market (SPY) stumbled out of the gate to start 2021, but that is getting rectified quickly. Before you starting getting too bullish, you should read this market outlook from investment veteran Steve Reitmeister spelling out his concerns about events starting January 6th. Read on for more.
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1 CRITICAL Investing Lesson from 2020

Every year Steve Reitmeister reviews the key investing lessons learned from the past year to help improve results in the future. 2020 did offer up 1 critical lesson that most investors missed. So if you want to stay 1 step ahead of the stock market (SPY) in the future, then you owe to yourself to lock this lesson into memory. Read on for more…
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Stock Market Duel: Stimulus vs. Virus Mutation

The S&P 500 (SPY) just can’t break out above 3,700. This commentary explores why this is happening along with a complete market outlook and game plan for investors to chart a course to future outperformance. Read on below...
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2 Best Stocks of All Time!

I bought Amazon (AMZN) and Booking (BKNG) back in 2001 for phenomenal gains to date. Let’s discuss what they have in common and how that will help us find more big winners in the years ahead.
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Where is the Santa Claus Stock Rally?

The stock market (SPY) keeps finding resistance at 3,700. This commentary explores why with emphasis on the state of the Coronavirus and congressional stimulus talks. But even if the S&P 500 goes sideways for a while there are still ways to outperform. Investment veteran Steve Reitmeister spells out the rest in his latest market commentary. Read on below...
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Are Stocks Stuck at 3,700?

The S&P 500 (SPY) is finding some resistance at 3,700. Why? What happens next? And how to carve out future outperformance? The answer to this and more questions will be on tap in Steve Reitmeister’s most up to date market commentary. Read on below...
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Top 12 Picks for 2021

Discover Steve Reitmeister’s stock market (SPY) outlook for 2021 plus his trading plan to stay one step ahead of the pack. In the end Steve highlights his top 12 picks for 2021 which includes 9 stocks and 3 ETFs. Read on for more...
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