XYZ – POWR Rating™

Strong Buy

Overall POWR Rating™

XYZ has a real-time POWR Rating™ of A (Strong Buy).

XYZ – POWR Components

Trade Grade
Buy & Hold Grade
Peer Grade
Category Grade

What’s in a POWR Rating?

A stock’s overall POWR Rating is comprised of four distinct components:

  • Trade Grade – This metric includes technical indicators like proximity to various moving averages, recent price performance, analyst sentiment, bullish and bearish news flow, and more. Simply put, a Trade Grade represents the short-term bullish or bearishness of a stock.
  • Buy & Hold Grade – This metric looks at a stock’s proximity to its 52-week high, among other factors. The Buy & Hold Grade measures the long-term bullish or bearishness of a stock.
  • Peer Grade – This metric compares a security’s performance versus other stocks in its category.
  • Category Grade – This metric compares the performance of the security’s category versus all other categories.

POWR Ratings are the new standard

The past is over

Most stock ratings represent the opinion of a single analyst. Wall Street is rife with corruption and conflicts of interest, however, so analyst ratings have never been of much use to investors. How valuable is a single person’s opinion about a stock, anyway?

The future is now

POWR Ratings, on the other hand, are fully automated and are calculated on a daily basis using our proprietary algorithm. Our unique blend of pricing and technical data, news flow, relative performance, and categorization provides a much more useful look at how worthy a stock is of your investment dollars.

POWR provides results

Don’t believe us? Here are actual results of our POWR Ratings*.

98% of our A-rated picks are up

Total A-rated stocks 3249
Avg. % change since upgraded to A 15.79%
Avg. # trading days since upgraded to A 98
Best return 216.73%
Worst return -8.08%
Number of winners (%) 3170 (98%)
Number of losers (%) 69 (2%)

93% of our F-rated picks are down

Total F-rated stocks 48
Avg. % change since downgraded to F -22.32%
Avg. # trading days since downgraded to F 54
Best return 3.74%
Worst return -69.10%
Number of winners (%) 24 (7%)
Number of losers (%) 343 (93%)

* Results as of February 13, 2016