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: SPY |  News, Ratings, and Charts

#1 Ingredient for Picking the Best Stocks

Most investors are looking at the wrong things during earnings season. This has them holding on to stocks likely to underperform. Instead they need to understand what TRULY matters from these announcements that helps zero in on the stocks primed to outperform the market (SPY) in the days and weeks ahead. Read on for the full story...

: GM |  News, Ratings, and Charts

Is General Motors the Next Tesla?

GM is not only a value is potentially an explosive growth stock given a massive investment in electric vehicles. Time to get on board General Motors shares before its too late. Read on for more...

: DBX |  News, Ratings, and Charts

2 Stocks That Could be Acquisition Targets in 2021: DropBox, Yelp

With the world's economy potentially entering an expansion stage, now may be the perfect time for bigger and stronger companies to exploit synergies by buying weaker companies that complement their businesses. Dropbox (DBX) and Yelp Inc. (YELP) are struggling with heightened competition in their respective industries and suffering consistent financial losses. Consequently, we think they could be potential targets for acquisitions this year. Let’s take a closer look.

: SNE |  News, Ratings, and Charts

3 "Strong Buy" Tech Stocks with PE Ratios Under 15

The optimism surrounding COVID-19 vaccine development and distribution has slowed the tech rally that powered the stock markets last year. However, increasing dependence on technology along with rising concerns regarding the efficiency of global vaccine deployment should keep this sector’s momentum going in 2021. Because some tech giants are currently facing regulatory scrutiny, and because most big tech companies are trading at sky-high valuations, we believe that betting on reasonably priced companies like Sony (SNE), HP (HPQ) and Amkor (AMKR) should generate significant returns.

: PDD |  News, Ratings, and Charts

Forget Alibaba, Buy These 4 Asian E-Commerce Stocks Instead

Because Aibaba (BABA) has been ensnared in a few controversies off late, its stock has lost some of its luster. Conversely, Asian e-commerce companies Pinduoduo (PDD), (JD), Sea Ltd. (SE), and Vipshop (VIPS) hold much promise, we believe, on account of a continuation of the pandemic-driven e-commerce boom. Let’s take a closer look at these stocks.

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NYSE: TUP | Tupperware Brands Corporation  News, Ratings, and Charts

Up More than 300% in the Past Year, is Tupperware Brands Stock Still a Buy?

Tupperware Brands (TUP) has had quite he ride over the past year. The pandemic has increased the demand for its products as more people eat at home. But can it continue to soar this year? Read more to find out.

NASDAQ: BB | BlackBerry Limited  News, Ratings, and Charts

Why BlackBerry Stock is on Fire in 2021

: BlackBerry (BB) has been witnessing strong momentum given its strategic cyber security partnerships with major companies. Moreover, continued demand for its secure 'Work from Anywhere' solutions is a major driver. With the ever-increasing security requirements of the automotive industry, we think BB is well positioned to maintain its momentum. Let’s discuss BlackBerry.

NYSE: COG | Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation  News, Ratings, and Charts

3 Natural Gas Stocks to Buy in February: Cabot Oil & Gas, EQT, and Range Resources

The natural gas industry is expected to rebound to pre-pandemic levels this year as economies worldwide resume operations in their manufacturing sectors. With widespread COVID-19 vaccinations reducing the need for social distancing, as is hoped, the industrial sector is expected to operate at full capacity soon, boosting the demand for natural gas around the globe. So, stocks like Cabot Oil & Gas (COG), EQT (EQT) and Range Resources (RRC) are well-positioned to ascend in the upcoming months we think. Let’s take a closer look at these names.

NASDAQ: ALXN | Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. News, Ratings, and Charts

Is Alexion Pharmaceuticals a Smart Buy for 2021?

Having overcome business challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, the stock of Alexion Pharmaceuticals (ALXN) has been hitting new highs. We think it may be wise to bet on the stock now because this company has been receiving multiple regulatory approvals for its products.

NASDAQ: XONE | The ExOne Company News, Ratings, and Charts

Shares of ExOne are Soaring, Will the Rally Continue?

3D printing is expected to emerge as one of the most important industries globally post pandemic because it has applications in virtually all sectors. ExOne (XONE), one of the pioneers in this industry, has gained in tripled digits so far this year and is well-positioned to climb further in the coming months we think. Read on to learn why.

NYSE: CZZ | Cosan Limited  News, Ratings, and Charts

3 Biofuel Stocks That Could Surprise to the Upside: Cosan, Green Plains, and Bioceres Solutions

The agriculture and biofuel industries are poised to grow significantly in the near- to mid-term because the U.S. government plans to make trade deals to revitalize those industries. With this, we think prominent industry participants Cosan (CZZ), Green Plains (GPRE) and Bioceres Crop Solutions (BIOX) are well positioned to benefit significantly soon. Let’s discuss

NYSE: GME | GameStop Corporation  News, Ratings, and Charts

3 Stocks With Short Squeeze Potential Like Gamestop

The newest fashion in Wall Street is targeting stocks with high levels of short interest. The most notable example is Gamestop which has gone from $20 to $380 in 2020 . BBBY, TLRY, and GOGO are three stocks with similarities to GME that also have high levels of short interest.

NASDAQ: FB | Facebook, Inc. -  News, Ratings, and Charts

4 High-Growth Tech Stocks Ready to Breakout: Facebook, NVIDIA, Shopify, Pinterest

Technology stocks enjoyed a solid bull run last year thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. This momentum is likely to continue in the future. Because remote working and virtual learning have now become normal, people worldwide will likely remain heavily dependent on technology offerings for the foreseeable future. And despite speculation about a potential crackdown on the tech giants by the new U.S. president, the sector’s prospects are immense. Facebook, Inc. (FB), NVIDIA (NVDA), Shopify (SHOP), and Pinterest (PINS) are some of the high-growth stocks that we believe are on the verge of a breakout.

NASDAQ: AVGO | Broadcom Inc. News, Ratings, and Charts

Broadcom is a Good Stock to Own in 2021, Here's Why

Broadcom Inc. (AVGO) has plenty of room for growth this year, fueled by increasing demand for chips for advanced devices. In fact, greater investments across 5G infrastructure and innovations in semiconductor packaging should provide new opportunities for the stock to gain. We believe the stock is poised to extend its solid performance this year as growth stemming from a recovery in global demand and product launches hits new highs.

NASDAQ: AY | Atlantica Yield plc - Ordinary Shares News, Ratings, and Charts

3 Under the Radar Green Energy Stocks to Own in 2021

With cities, states and corporations setting their own “net zero carbon” goals, the demand for clean and sustainable energy is expected to gain much momentum this year. In connection with this, because spending in the green energy space is likely to grow significantly in coming years, we think investing in relatively unsung stocks such as Atlantica Sustainable Infrastructure (AY), ALLETE (ALE), and Covanta Holding Corporation (CVA) could be highly rewarding.

NASDAQ: TSCO | Tractor Supply Company News, Ratings, and Charts

Does Tractor Supply Stock Have What It Takes to Be in Your Portfolio?

Operating as a one-stop shop for recreational farmers, ranchers and all those who enjoy living a rural lifestyle, Tractor Supply (TSCO) has been on a stellar run thanks to its strong fundamentals and continuing innovations. Because the company’s market share gain is expected to keep driving its stock higher, we think it is wise to bet on TSCO now. Let’s look closer.

NYSE: DIS | Walt Disney Company (The)  News, Ratings, and Charts

At the Movies: A Study Into How Box Office Openings Impact Disney’s Share Price

The movie industry has been forced to change dramatically due to the coronavirus. This continues to affect the business models of media companies like Disney (DIS).

NYSE: CVS | CVS Health Corporation  News, Ratings, and Charts

CVS vs. Walgreen Boots Alliance: Which Stock is a Better Buy?

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to increased demand for healthcare products and services from companies such as CVS Health (CVS) and Walgreens (WBA). With the growing importance of healthcare facilities due to coronavirus and the general healthcare needs of an aging population, both companies are expected to witness greater demand in the coming months. But let’s find out which of these two stocks is a better buy now.

NYSE: ARKK | ARK Innovation ETF News, Ratings, and Charts

2 "Strong Buy" Robinhood ETFs to Own in February

The stock market has maintained its momentum so far this year, buoyed primarily by investors’ optimism regarding an economic recovery this year on the back of successful COVID-19 vaccination programs. The Robinhood 100 list provides a good guide for picking investments because stocks and ETFs on this list are favored by millions of investors, primarily millennials. ARK Innovation ETF (ARKK) and Vanguard S&P 500 ETF (VOO) are currently on the list due in part to hype surrounding them. Given the upside potential of these two ETFs, we believe they could be good additions to your portfolio now.

NASDAQ: CHTR | Charter Communications, Inc. -  News, Ratings, and Charts

4 High Growth Stocks Poised for High Returns: Charter Communications, Applied Materials, Baidu, and Activision Blizzard

Given the massive gains generated by growth stocks in 2020, many investors are pessimistic about the performance prospects for growth stocks this year. However, because many COVID-19-pandemic-driven challenges and trends are expected to continue this year, it is reasonable that growth stocks should continue to dominate the broader market. Hence, we think it would be wise to bet on high-growth stocks such as Charter Communications (CHTR), Applied Materials (AMAT), Baidu (BIDU) and Activision Blizzard (ATVI) that are well positioned to keep moving higher this year. Read on for some details.

: GMBL | Esports Entertainment Group Inc. News, Ratings, and Charts

4 Downgraded Stocks to AVOID

The market is starting to encounter some volatility after mostly smooth sailing since November. While, there's good reason to believe this dip is buyable, investors need to be wary that certain stocks are starting to underperform such as GMBL, ZSAN, OBLN, and USAP.

: TXG | 10X GENOMICS, INC. News, Ratings, and Charts

4 Under the Radar Biotech Stocks with Major Upside Potential

Biotechnology companies that specialize in niche segments like genomics, cell-technology and genetic analysis are likely to see major upside in their stocks in the near-term. With increasing numbers of studies and advanced research, these companies are set to achieve major milestones. 10X GENOMICS, (TXG), Twist Bioscience (TWST), Pacific Biosciences of California (PACB), and CareDx (CDNA) are four such under-the-radar biotech stocks that hold immense upside potential. Let’s discuss.

NYSE: HOG | Harley-Davidson, Inc.  News, Ratings, and Charts

Will Harley-Davidson Continue to Rally in February?

Harley-Davidson (HOG) stock has rebounded after a slow start in 2020 as more people have been buying motorcycles. The company is looking to expand into electric bikes, but will its rally continue? Read more to find out.

NYSE: ACCO | Acco Brands Corporation  News, Ratings, and Charts

A Significant Move is Expected in Shares of ACCO Brands, Here’s Why

An ascending triangle pattern has formed in the chart of ACCO Brands Corp (ACCO). If the stock breaks through the resistance level at the top of the pattern, a breakout could soon occur. Read more to learn how to profit off this trade.

NYSE: MT | Arcelor Mittal NY Registry Shares NEW News, Ratings, and Charts

3 Undervalued Stocks with Tremendous Upside Potential: ArcelorMittal, United States Cellular, and Telephone and Data Systems

For investors looking to add some diversity to their portfolios, value stocks could be a great addition. As the economy rebounds, underpriced stocks such as Arcelor Mittal (MT), United States Cellular Corporation (USM), and Telephone and Data Systems (TDS) could see their shares soar.

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