What to Expect From The Fed In 2019

We can all agree that recent market volatility has left a lot of investors rattled and wondering what comes next in 2019. One of the biggest drivers of stocks (SPY) (DIA) (QQQ) these days, possibly the biggest one, is interest

The Reason Why You Should Invest in the CBOE


This leading options exchange will benefit from increased volatility and a swing back to more actively managed investing. We discussed how the spike in volatility at the beginning of February, which caused the implosion of VIX related ETPs,  was likely

Has the Gold Bull Run Already Started?

Seems like every day brings an article by another analyst asking if the next gold bull run has already started.  Or is about to…  Your friendly Gold Enthusiast believes it has, but as with the start of all bull markets, one

Have Earnings Estimates Come Down Enough?

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Corporations begin reporting fiscal fourth-quarter results in earnest next week and provide updated guidance for the coming year. Analysts have been tripping over themselves over the past few months, reducing 2019 expectations.  However, have expectations been sufficient lowered or will we

Wrapping Up the Current Week in Gold

Gold has had an interesting week. Leading into it, news of the trade war between the US and China easing somehow led to the Dollar strengthening, just a touch. Which is good for most folks in the US but bad for gold traders. 

Bonds do a U-Turn

Last week, I made the case that investors who had fled into bonds would soon regret that decision.  Well, it’s not even a week later and people are now fleeing that safe haven.  I think this quick about-face is just the