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Steve Smith has more than 30 years of investment experience and an expert level of options knowledge. He was a seat-holding member of the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) and the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) from 1989 to August 1997. In 1998, he joined TheStreet.com as the senior option columnist and chief derivatives strategist. In 2003, he launched an option-based newsletter, OptionAlert, which was awarded the MIN "Best Business Newsletter" in 2006. In 2009, he joined Minyanville as a contributor and launched the proprietary OptionSmith newsletter. In 2010, he joined New Vernon Capital, a family of hedge funds with over $2 billion of assets under management, as risk market consultant to utilize option strategies to reduce portfolio exposure and enhance returns for the four main funds. In 2015 he began working at the Adam Mesh Trading Group, where he currently authors the Option Sensei newsletter and manages the Options 360 advisory service.

Recent Articles By Steve Smith

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Trump Delays Chinese Tariffs, is He Just Postponing the Inevitable?

In this featured article, Trump's postponement of Chinese tariffs is examined. Could the President be postponing the inevitable? Continue reading for more details.
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What is Market Sentiment Telling Us About Where the S&P's Headed Next?

The recent gyrations in the stock market have seen accompanying swings in market sentiment among both professionals and retail investors. Read for details on what the market sentiment could be telling us about the S&P 500.
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How to Utilize Options In 'Special Situation' Trades

This article examines how you can use options to profit from very specific scenarios, which are referred to as "special situation" trades. Continue reading for more details.
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Can FedEx Keep Delivering Without Amazon?

FedEx (FDX) has dropped its shipping contract with retail giant Amazon (AMZN). But can the former keep delivering without Jeff Bezos' company's backing? Read for more details.
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Butterfly Spreads: A Smart Options Strategy for a Volatile Market

One of the biggest challenges of using options as an investment tool is that you must be right on direction, price target, & your timing. Continue reading to find out a smart options strategy for a volatile market.
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Volatility Has Spiked, Will It Continue?

Today's article talks about volatility spiking and debates whether it will continue to. Continue reading for a detailed analysis.
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Can Trump Have a Trade War with China and a Booming US Economy?

Today's exclusive article highlights whether Trump could have a trade war with China and a booming U.S. Economy? Continue reading for more details.
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Using Options to 'Own' Stocks for No Cost

With the Federal Reserve ready to embark on a new round of free money, here’s an options strategy that also has a "free," or no money down way to go long. Read for details.
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Are Stock Buybacks Going to Boost the Market?

This article debates whether buybacks are going to boost the stock market. Continue reading for a thorough analysis on the topic.
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An Essential Options Strategy to Use as the Stock Market Hits New Highs

With the major indices pushing to all-time highs and some of the many names sitting on large double-digit percentage gains, this year alone. Here's an essential options strategy you can use to leverage the stock market.
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