Currency ETFs

Most of these ETFs focus their investments on specific or various currencies. These currencies can aim to replicate movements in currency in the foreign exchange market by holding currencies either directly or through currency-denominated short-term debt instruments, domestic currencies (U.S. Dollar), foreign currencies, or a combination of all. While investing in Currency ETFs is a particular way to achieve international diversification and to hedge against losses in the U.S. dollar, it also requires a bit of expertise to understand the global ramifications of what is happening across the globe. With that, we believe these ETFs are better suited for moderate investors who may be more willing to accept variations in their portfolio's balance. Again, because of the hedging aspect vs other investments in one's portfolio, we do see some risk being removed from owning them, hence not labeled as aggressive investors only. We certainly understand any investor who may be apprehensive from considering these from the lack of expertise in global currency movements.

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Industry Rank

This industry ranks #28 out of 65 ETF categories.


Average POWR Rating

The average market cap-weighted POWR Rating for ETFs in this industry is B (Buy).

RkSymbolNameLastOpenHighLow52WK Hi52WK LoDay ChgYTD Chg12M ChgMkt Cap50D MA± 50D200D MA± 200DPOWR
1FXYInvesco CurrencyShares Japanese Yen Trust87.8388.2288.2287.8093.2384.62-0.17
0.46%1.12%237.14M87.86-0.03%87.750.09% A
Strong Buy
2FXFInvesco CurrencyShares Swiss Franc Trust95.4295.2695.5695.1899.6691.950.26
0.25%3.69%238.55M94.650.82%94.221.28% A
Strong Buy
3FXEInvesco CurrencyShares Euro Currency Trust104.78104.95105.11104.66108.57100.640.24
-1.43%-1.20%230.52M102.861.87%104.410.36% A
Strong Buy
4FXCInvesco CurrencyShares Canadian Dollar Trust71.6071.5471.6971.2876.1967.340.04
-5.60%-1.94%110.98M70.102.14%73.27-2.28% A
Strong Buy
5FXAInvesco CurrencyShares Australian Dollar Trust66.5866.2866.6466.1570.7557.490.30
-5.09%-3.67%76.57M63.095.53%66.570.02% A
Strong Buy
6DBVInvesco DB G10 Currency Harvest Fund23.4023.4223.4223.4024.6720.06-0.06
-3.74%-3.48%23.40M22.623.45%23.62-0.93% A
Strong Buy
7UUPInvesco DB USD Index Bullish Fund ETF26.6026.5826.6526.5328.9024.64-0.04
2.43%0.68%835.24M27.10-1.83%26.510.33% B
8FXBInvesco CurrencyShares British Pound Sterling Trust119.62119.54119.93119.13129.57110.960.37
-6.86%-2.30%113.64M118.930.58%122.57-2.41% B
9USDUWisdomTree Bloomberg U.S. Dollar Bullish Fund27.8027.8227.9727.8032.4926.03-0.04
4.27%0.27%76.45M28.45-2.30%27.461.23% B
10CYBWisdomTree Chinese Yuan Strategy Fund24.5524.5024.5524.5025.8624.20-0.05
-2.04%-3.16%23.32M24.78-0.93%24.82-1.08% B
11CEWWisdomTree Emerging Currency Strategy Fund17.1417.1117.1617.0518.9416.120.08
-7.92%-5.59%15.43M16.553.57%17.74-3.37% B
NRFXSInvesco CurrencyShares Swedish Krona Trust94.4994.7294.7294.48102.3092.84-0.47
-3.87%-5.97%14.17MN/AN/A%N/AN/A% NR
Not Rated
NRCNYMarket Vectors Chinese Renminbi/USD ETN44.2543.5044.2543.5047.0040.000.60
2.91%0.27%7.83MN/AN/A%N/AN/A% NR
Not Rated
NRFXSGInvesco CurrencyShares Singapore Dollar Trust ETF70.2370.1370.2370.1373.1469.86-0.14
-3.91%-2.98%3.51MN/AN/A%N/AN/A% NR
Not Rated
NRFXCHInvesco CurrencyShares Chinese Renminbi Trust69.6969.5869.6969.5873.2767.81-0.06
-0.10%-3.37%3.48MN/AN/A%N/AN/A% NR
Not Rated
NRINRMarket Vectors Indian Rupee/USD ETN39.0039.0039.0039.00107.8739.00-1.02
-46.94%-6.59%936.00KN/AN/A%N/AN/A% NR
Not Rated

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