At the end of 2008, in direct response to a once a decade opportunity, I started a groundbreaking options newsletter called The Phoenix Letter.

You see, the Phoenix arises out of the ashes and at that time, the market was presenting a historic opportunity.

Some of our very first Phoenix Picks became the tales of legend:

BLK at 130, went to 594 and now back down to around 400.

JPM at 35, now around 100.

CRM at 25, went to 162 and now around 150.

SBUX at 10, now around 65.

As the historic bull run continued, the Phoenix had done its job and remained dormant for years.

Now, once again, 10 years laterwe are seeing another historic opportunity in the markets.

AAPL was once 230 and is now around 150.

WYNN went from over 200 and is now around 115.

NVDA, FB, NFLX, BABA all decimated.

The time has come for the Phoenix to rise again.

I’ve put together a team of traders that are bringing their unique talent and option strategies to make a boatload of money for themselves and a select group of qualified individual traders – not greedy bankers that wouldn’t know what to do with this kind of technical analysis – YOU – the person that just wants to find some trades that make sense and profit from them.

This team of ‘mercenaries’, for lack of a better term, have all been employed by highly respected financial firms.

Members of this ‘group’ have been featured in Barron’s, WSJ, CNBC, Forbes and Fortune.

Some of the members appear regularly on CNBC and Fox Business News.

The Key to Our Success Is 2 Simple Things.

  1. Regardless of what’s happening in the market or the world, the most essential aspect of your trading will be Stock Selection. Stock Selection will be the difference between being a part of the stocks that skyrocket to new highs and leaving behind the laggards that will never see the sun again. Solid technical analysis will be a key aspect of this stock selection.
  2. Using Options to minimize risk and obtain amazing profits. We will only be using calls. This stock market requires a unique approach and that is exactly what you will get.

Unlike past newsletters or recommendations that you have received, we don’t just tell you to buy a stock and then forget about you with the audacity that we can’t be wrong.

We accept that not every stock we recommend will do what we expect, and we provide a contingency plan.

We’ll not only recommend what’s going to be great, but we’ll provide you with an exit!

On the upside and the downside.

This way, you can lower your exposure and still benefit from all the upside that the Phoenix will provide you with.

How confident are we that you will be with us for this run?

Here’s the answer: We are going to be highlighting the ultimate option trades that can make you thousands of dollars a week and you can try it out for $19.

This is a special limited time offer so take advantage of it now!

Give us a 30-day trial for just $19.

$19 gives you four weeks of access to all The Phoenix trades.

This ‘call only (or puts) option strategy’ will come in under my own Mesh Private Portfolio brand.

This means, in addition, to the timeliest options trades, you’ll have complete access to my weekly market call, our in-house gold specialist and all major 2019 opportunities.

The Phoenix was brought back to take advantage of this once in a decade opportunity and the time for that opportunity is now!

There are thousands to be made every week and it’s only $19, send me the trial now.

The market had its worst December ever but that also included the Dow’s biggest 1-day gain in its history, that only means incredible opportunities for the individual trader.

We are opening up 100 spots today and expect our first trade to be tomorrow or early next week. At that point, expect 1 or 2 trades per week (on average as we will not force it if nothing is there and will trade more during major opportunities).

Our promise to you:

  • We will not expose you to cheap penny stocks that are most likely to cost you more than you will ever make.
  • We will provide you with real stocks based on technical strategies and use options to trade them so that you are doing what Wall Street does, not what they say.
  • We’re never going to be open to the masses but as a member of the AMTG community, you have a unique opportunity to get in now for just a $19 trial.

You might have one more question… What happens after the one-month trial?

Our answer: In order to help as many people as we can but still provide the same next level VIP support we always do, the monthly rate to stay on is just $89.

There’s no commitment to stay and your price will never go up.

You get to see some amazing trades for just $19 and if we do what we are supposed to do the $89 will be irrelevant to the money made available.

We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with you.

All the Best,

Adam Mesh

P.S. After you make some solid trades with us, please take the time to let us know about your success. We like money, but we thrive on positive feedback!


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