Alas, apparently No.  The sad thing is this piece sounds like what we call “reading the news,” or telling you about things that already happened.  Little or no useful education or prognostication involved. What is useful to investors is connecting the dots between cause and effect, so people can better their own understanding. Insight and understanding, if you will. There is some of this but not a lot for a company once known as having The Smartest Guys In The Room.And since there’s no real “position” discussion, there’s no way to see if taking the opposite side might be better.  Looks like we’ll have to wait some more for Goldman to be useful to our purposes.

Just to be clear: Your Gold Enthusiast enjoys a good snark now and then, but what he really wants is good useful info. Goldman used to be good at providing that. Let’s hope they return to that place soon.

And if you’re looking for some salient advice on gold: Wait a while yet before buying more.  With gold dropping quickly as the US equity markets rose, we can tell gold is not far enough up the list in investors’ minds yet to really take off.  Barring a Black Swan event, of course.

Signed, The Gold Enthusiast

PS  Your Gold Enthusiast is not going out trick or treating tonight dressed as a Vampire Squid.  High five if you got that!
DISCLAIMER: The author has no position in GS and absolutely no intention of initiating one – either long or short – in the next 30 days. What we’d like to see is Goldman returning to the performances of their heyday, when it seemed their publications educated, informed, and enthralled investors.