About Jay Soloff

Jay is a former professional market maker who cut his teeth trading on the floor of the CBOE, the world’s largest options trading exchange.

He’s worked with Wall Street firms to help design options market making software for trading on electronic exchanges when those exchanges first came to the U.S. Jay was a senior analyst at a hedge fund, where he worked closely with multiple options trading funds employing some of the most cutting edge strategies in the field. Over two decades ago Jay got his start at the Kansas City Board of Trade in the Wheat Futures pit.

He has a degree in economics from University of Illinois, Champaign and two Masters degrees from Arizona State University: an MBA and Master of Science in Information Management.

With more than 20 years of experience trading and investing, his focus today is on making professional strategies accessible to everyone, which is exactly what does in his highly profitable investment advisory services; POWR Income and POWR Stocks Under $10.

He is also the lead Options Portfolio Manager at Investors Alley, where he edits 48-Hour Income, an investment advisory bringing you professional options trading strategies, with all the bells and whistles of Wall Street, but simplified so all you have to do is enter the trades with your broker.

Recent Articles By Jay Soloff

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POWR Stock of the Week Under $10: Himax Technologies (HIMX)

The semiconductor market is made up of a number of companies that produce products in a wide range of applications. You’re probably most familiar with Nvidia and Intel, makers of AI and computer chips. But a variety of other players make products that ensure the semiconductor landscape operates as designed. One of those companies, a maker of very important imaging drivers, is Himax Technologies.
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POWR Stock of the Week Under $10: PHX Minerals (PHX)

Don’t judge a book by its cover, and don’t judge a stock by its ticker. Investors who fail to keep an eye on the bouncing ball can fall victim to an “I know that stock” mentality that doesn’t always keep up with changing businesses, especially in the rapidly evolving technology sector. But, even in the stodgy oil and gas industry, stocks like PHX Minerals can change their colors with the majority of investors not even noticing.
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POWR Income Stock of the Week: Tapestry (TPR)

In a rising rate economy, luxury brands often do better than other consumer goods companies, because high end consumers are not impacted by rising rates as much. That was definitely the story this cycle. And, as rates turn, which may be happening soon, luxury is the first to come back, before lower end brands. With that in mind, Tapestry, with its substantial and growing portfolio of luxury brands, deserves a very close look at this point in the rate cycle.
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POWR Stock of the Week Under $10: TransAlta Corp (TAC)

Renewable energy is the energy of the future, but that road to the future needs to be traveled in a fiscally responsible way by energy companies that are not only stewards of the environment, but also of their investor’s capital. Both government and social mandates are driving the move to renewables, and recent years have seen a massive influx of investment into the sector. One Canadian company that is doing renewables right, both for the environment, and for investors is TransAlta.
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POWR Income Stock of the Week: Westwood Holdings (WHG)

Almost daily the market is becoming more convinced Fed Chairman Jerome Powell is done with his interest rate raising party, and that the next action the Fed takes, though when this action will take place is the big question, will actually be a rate cut. This would provide a much needed lifeline to small cap stocks that must refinance over $1 trillion of debt the next few years. Westwood Holdings is an asset manager focused on the small cap space with the potential to be a big winner when that part of the market turns.
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POWR Stock of Week Under $10: Lincoln Educational Services (LINC)

You may have seen the popular series Dirty Jobs hosted by Mike Rowe. If so, you know there are a lot of jobs out there in high demand that often have a lack of trained labor to fulfill them. Enter a company like Lincoln Educational Services with just the right training programs for many of those “dirty jobs”, which, it turns out, are not only in high demand but pay quite well, especially considering the rising cost of a traditional college education.
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POWR Income Stock of the Week: Upbound Group (UPBD)

More and more economic data is showing that times are tough for the middle class and low income consumers. The rising cost of goods, combined with higher interest rates on credit cards, has driven the cost of many household purchases beyond the reach of a paycheck to paycheck economy. Companies such as Upbound can fill the gap where consumers are still looking to purchase a wide variety of electronics, but cannot quite afford a one time payment anymore.
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POWR Stock of the Week Under $10: Berry Corp (BRY)

Public companies get a lot of attention these days, and sometimes they focus more on making dramatic headlines than benefiting their shareholders. As an investor it's your job to invest in companies that meet your requirements for how they treat shareholders. Berry Corp (BRY) is one of those great companies that has a focus that is all about shareholder returns without any of the drama.
: ORAN |  News, Ratings, and Charts

POWR Income Stock of the Week: Orange SA (ORAN)

One strategy to use when looking for income stocks is to look to the leaders, industry leaders, business line leaders, companies that provide an essential product. These leading companies are often in the U.S., but many well established long term dividend payers can also be found on the global stage. Orange SA is a historically well run company, a leader in the European market, and pays a great dividend for those seeking diversification.
: AXL |  News, Ratings, and Charts

Stock of the Week Under $10: American Axle & Manufacturing

The recent United Auto Workers strike has taken its toll on both automakers and the large number of companies that supply them. This temporary bump in the road may provide an opportunity to pick up certain auto related stocks at prices that otherwise wouldn’t be available. American Axle Manufacturing (AXL) could be one company that has traded to the low end of its most recent trading range.
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