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Jaimini Desai has been a financial writer and reporter for nearly a decade. He has helped countless investors take profitable rides on some of the hottest growth trends. His previous experience includes writing for Investopedia, Seeking Alpha, and MT Newswires.

He is the Chief Growth Strategist for StockNews.com and the editor of the POWR Growth and POWR Stocks Under $10 newsletters.

Jamini's first exposure to the stock market was during the dotcom bubble as a high-schooler. He was active in the markets during college and was trading full-time during the 2008 crash and reflation rally in 2009. This formative experience instilled in him the importance of risk-management, understanding market conditions, and betting big on the best ideas.

In his career, he has worked with investment managers, financial advisors, fintech companies, and news publishers. His unique background allows him to connect the dots between businesses, industries, economies, and markets.

He lives in Philadelphia, PA and loves his family and dogs (in no particular order). He enjoys playing tennis, yoga, and eating ice-cream. If you would like to see more of his best growth stock ideas, then click the following link See Jaimini Desai’s Favorite Growth Stocks.

Recent Articles By Jaimini Desai

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Why the Stock Maret Could Be Making New Highs by Next Week

Last week’s article laid out the bullish case for stocks. Despite the market’s turbulence, market conditions were improving under the surface. This simply means that the odds of a trending, broad-based market advance were higher than usual. AND, the market did respond as the S&P 500 (SPY) is up by more than 120 points since last week. We are now less than 2% away from all-time highs, and I believe that we should be making new highs by this time, next week. This development is also consistent with the bullish Q4 roadmap that I have been laying out the past couple of weeks. In today’s commentary, I want to talk about why I’m feeling so bullish and recap the latest in earnings season. Read on below to find out more…
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VRA is this Week’s Featured Stock 

Vera Bradley (VRA) is a retail stock worth betting on due to its attractive valuation and impressive growth rate. Further, the company should benefit from a strong economy and supply chain improvements.
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How Strong Q3 Earnings Could Provide a Tailwind for the Stock Market

Over the past week, the S&P 500 (SPY) mostly moved sideways before breaking out today on strong volume and price action. It’s too soon to know whether this is the start of a new uptrend or simply just another bounce. However, we are entering a seasonally bullish time of the year and early indications are that Q3 earnings season is going to be strong as well which could be another tailwind for stocks. In this week’s commentary, I will cover this topic and our market outlook. Read on below to find out more…
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How to Trade the 2021 Santa Claus Rally?

Mr. Market (SPY) may be moody, but he is also quite predictable at this time of year. I am talking about getting ready for the Santa Claus rally that is one of the most profitable stretches for investors year in and year out. And this year we have the perfect strategy to add a little more ho, ho, ho to your holiday season. Read the rest below...
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Why We Are Bullish About Q4 Despite Recent Market Turbulence

In this morning’s trade alert, I discussed why the overall environment for the S&P 500 (SPY) is improving despite the turbulent price action. While, I think some sort of retest of the recent lows seems likely, the intermediate-term picture continues to get more bullish. This is a definite change from the unfavorable conditions for small and mid-cap stocks that have prevailed for much of the year. Currently, our portfolio has been enjoying some nice gains due to strength in energy, but I believe we will see a period when the gains are much more widespread. In today’s commentary, I want to make my case for why Q4 will be so bullish. Read on below to find out more…
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Atkore Setting Up for a Powerful Q4 Rally

Atkore (ATKR) is very attractive from a growth and value perspective. On top of this, it could rally further due to positive seasonality and several catalysts such as infrastructure spending and the CAPEX boom. Read more to find out why ATKR is our Growth Stock of the Week.
: ARLP |  News, Ratings, and Charts

A Must-Own Dividend Stock Surging Through 52-Week Highs

Coal prices have more than tripled since the beginning of 2020. Demand continues to grow with natural gas prices rising, while supply has been trending lower for many decades. Read more to find out why Alliance Resource Partners (ARLP) has major upside potential.
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Bucking the Market Trend

The market loves nothing more than to confound investors and traders. And, this past week was certainly confounding… but in a good way. As we discussed in the previous commentary, low-priced stocks tend to underperform the market on down days as liquidity tends to vanish first on the fringes of the market. So, it was surprising that our portfolio has been steadily gaining while the S&P 500 (SPY) has encountered significant selling this week. In this week’s commentary, I will discuss why this is happening and what it means. Read on below to find out more…
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This Week’s Stock Under $10 is TransGlobe Energy

Oil is in a bull market that is just getting started. For investors, there is tremendous opportunity in small-cap energy stocks which remain significantly undervalued. Read more to find out why TransGlobe Energy (TGA) is our featured stock of the week.
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Will Reflation Stocks Continue to Lead the Stock Market?

Last week, we discussed the odds of the S&P 500 (SPY) being at the start of a correction or closer to the end of a dip. For a variety of reasons, we concluded that dip was more likely especially as coronavirus cases keep plunging. This has come to fruition as the market has recovered a little more than half of its losses with reflation stocks leading. And, we might have another major catalyst for this trend looming. Due to these factors and more, I’m becoming increasingly optimistic about the market’s prospects into year-end. In this weeks’ commentary, I will cover these improvements and update our market outlook. Read on below to find out more…
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