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Priyanka is a passionate investment analyst and commentator. After earning a master's degree in economics, her interest in financial markets motivated her to begin her career in investment research. Her approach is to find a financial instruments’ intrinsic value for predicting its future price movement.

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4 Drug Manufacturing Stocks to Add to Your Dividend Portfolio in January

The COVID-19 pandemic has boosted the drug manufacturing industry's revenues. And the continuing need for vaccines and other precautionary medicines and therapies, along with a surge in drug prices, should further drive the industry's growth. Therefore, we think the dividend-paying stocks of drug manufacturers Novo Nordisk (NVO), Novartis (NVS), Merck (MRK), and Bristol-Myers (BMY) could be good picks for one’s portfolio amid the current market volatility. Read on.
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2 Software Stocks Under $10 to Add to Your Watchlist

The rapid adoption of software solutions to support hybrid working structures, and increased spending by businesses to upgrade software, should fuel the software industry’s growth. Therefore, we think it could be wise to add low-priced software stocks Yalla (YALA) and Zedge (ZDGE) to one’s watchlist. Read on.
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2 Infrastructure Stocks to Buy in January, 2 to Avoid

The infrastructure industry is gaining traction as construction activity increases with the reopening of the economy. So, quality infrastructure stocks Eaton (ETN) and Brookfield (BIPC) could be great picks now. Conversely, amid concerns surrounding President Biden’s Build Back Better legislation’s prospects, primarily on its public rejection by Democratic Senator Joe Manchin, the poor near-term growth prospects of Vulcan Materials (VMC) and Martin Marietta (MLM) we think make their stocks best avoided now. Let’s discuss.
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3 Electric Vehicle Stocks Under $10 Wall Street Predicts Will Rally by 40% or More

Rising investments, better performance, and a growing global focus on creating a sustainable environment should drive the electric vehicle (EV) industry's growth next year. Therefore, Wall Street analysts expect low-priced electric vehicle stocks Hyzon (HYZN), Lordstown Motors (RIDE), and Kandi Technologies (KNDI) to rally by more than 40% in price in the near term. Read on.
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2 Cannabis Stocks That Will More Than Double in 2022, According to Wall Street Analysts

The surge in cannabis sales due to innovative cannabis products and the growing support regarding the legalization of cannabis at a federal level should allow the cannabis industry to rebound rapidly next year. Therefore, Wall Street analysts expect cannabis stocks Curaleaf (CURLF) and Zynerba (ZYNE) to be more than double in 2022.
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Give a Boost to Your Portfolio with These 4 Top Chemical Stocks

The chemical industry came to a grinding halt last year with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, an increase in manufacturing activity and increased export demand are flashing, positive indicators of the chemical industry’s revival. Therefore, we think one could now consider adding top chemical stocks LyondellBasell (LYB), Westlake Chemical (WLK), Huntsman (HUN), and The Chemours (CC) to one’s portfolio. So, let’s examine these names.
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3 Tech Stocks JPMorgan is Bullish on for 2022

The continuation of the COVID-19 pandemic should keep technology trends going next year. That is in part why J.P. Morgan is bullish on tech stocks Uber (UBER), Spotify (SPOT), and Twitter (TWTR), which possess strong profitability and reasonable valuation. Let’s discuss.
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3 Chip Stocks Integral to the Electric Vehicle Industry

While the electric vehicle (EV) industry suffered this year due to the global semiconductor shortage, initiatives worldwide to push toward a clean energy-based future, and an increased focus on ramping up semiconductor production, should drive the industry’s growth next year. Therefore, we think EV chip makers QUALCOMM (QCOM), Microchip (MCHP), and ON Semiconductor (ON) should benefit. Read on.
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4 Infrastructure Stocks to Avoid After Sen. Joe Manchin Says He Can't Support Biden's 'Build Back Better' Act

President Biden’s Build Back Better plan, if implemented, would be a boon for infrastructure companies. However, Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin’s ‘no’ position on the legislative plan appears to have ruined the attempt to make a huge investment in the country’s infrastructure and social safety net. Hence, we believe it is better now to avoid fundamentally weak infrastructure stocks Nucor (NUE), Vulcan Materials (VMC), Martin Marietta (MLM), and Eagle Materials (EXP). They could now witness a downturn in the coming months. Let’s discuss.
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2 Software Stocks That Surged More Than 10% Over the Past Week

The software industry continues to grow as businesses update their operations to keep pace with the market’s shifting expectations. Given this backdrop, the shares of software companies Asana (ASAN) and Black Knight (BKI) gained more than 10% in price last week despite broader market volatility. Therefore, we think these stocks could be good additions to one’s watchlist. Let’s discuss.
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