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Sidharath’s passion for financial markets and love for words guided his way to become a financial writer. He began his career as an Equity Analyst researching stocks and preparing in-depth research reports. Sidharath is currently pursuing the CFA program to deepen his knowledge of financial analysis and investment strategies.

Sidharath’s daily coverage of the financial markets keeps him on top of key trends, with the goal of helping investors make well-informed decisions.

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4 Cement Stocks to Buy for Biden’s Anticipated $3 Trillion Infrastructure Bill

On the heels of a sweeping $1.9 trillion COVID-19 rescue package earlier this month, the Biden administration has shifted its focus to its promised infrastructure spending proposal. As such, we think CRH Plc (CRH), James Hardie Industries (JHX), Cemex (CX), and Loma Negra (LOMA) are positioned to benefit from a potential rise in demand for cement. So, let’s give these names a solid review.
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Is Oriental Culture Holding a Good NFT Stock to Buy?

As applications of blockchain technology continue to broaden, investors are betting on NFT-related stocks. A case in point is Hong Kong-based online-art trading platform Oriental Culture Holdings (OCG). After a successful IPO last December, the stock has been flying high on speculation that the company might enter the NFT space and adopt blockchain to enhance its art trading platform. Read on to learn whether OCG is a good addition to one’s portfolio now.
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Up More Than 2,300% in 2021, Will the Rally in Takung Art Continue?

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are the latest crypto craze attracting the attention of Wall Street investors. Hong Kong-based digital-art trading platform Takung Art (TKAT) had been an underperformer for several years but is now flying high based on speculation that it might enter the NFT space to grow its business. Though the stock took a breather yesterday and fell more than 30% intraday, TKAT is still up a massive 2,384% year-to-date. Read ahead to learn whether TKAT can maintain its momentum going forward.
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3 Under the Radar Commodity Stocks with Major Upside Potential in 2021

As the world navigates its way out of the COVID-19 public health crisis, with mass vaccination programs picking up pace, the demand for commodities is beginning to return to pre-pandemic levels. An improving global economy is lending support to commodity prices because commodities are integral to the industrial sector. A proposed infrastructure spending bill by the U.S. government is also expected to foster inflationary pressure, thus setting the stage for commodity prices and producers to rebound in a big way. With this, we think investors should keep an eye on Southern Copper Corp (SCCO), Fortescue Metals Group (FSUGY), and Pretium Resources (PVG) because they are positioned to deliver robust returns this year.
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Is Now the Time for Value Investors to Buy Flowserve?

Cyclical stocks—the class most sensitive to macroeconomic conditions—have grabbed investors’ attention lately. High hopes for a sharp economic rebound are powering the industrial sector’s latest run. Consequently, Flowserve Corp (FLS), a leading provider of fluid motion products for the global infrastructure market, has been on the rise. And even though FLS has surged 93% over the past year, we believe that the stock still has plenty of upside, justified by the company’s sound fundamentals, innovative products, and robust long-term plans. Read ahead to learn why FLS is a good addition to one’s portfolio at its current price level.
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4 Small-Cap Regional Banks Worth Buying

Rising long-term Treasury yields and widespread distribution of coronavirus vaccines are expected to spark a rapid U.S. economic recovery this year, setting the stage for banking stocks to rebound in a big way. While global megabank stocks have garnered most attention, we think it would be wise for investors to bet on small-cap regional banking stocks. Four examples are Customers Bancorp (CUBI), HomeStreet (HMST), Republic Bancorp (RBCAA) and SmartFinancial (SMBK). We think they are poised to deliver robust returns this year.
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Is Blue Hat Interactive Entertainment Technology a Good Augmented Reality Stock to Own in 2021?

The ongoing technology revolution includes a massive boost to augmented reality (AR), a technology that superimposes digital content onto real-life scenes. With that, China-based Blue Hat Interactive Entertainment Technology (BHAT), a leading creator of AR technology, has risen to prominence. The stock has already gained more than 65% so far this year. So, read on to learn whether BHAT is a good addition to your portfolio now.
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3 Overvalued IPO Stocks to Avoid

Raising capital in the primary market was the rage in 2020. However, there were a few names that garnered better-than-anticipated gains in the secondary market on excessive investor exuberance. Airbnb (ABNB), Snowflake (SNOW), and KE Holdings (BEKE) are three such IPO stocks. They are currently trading at lofty valuations. But, considering the disconnect between their fundamentals and price levels, we think they are vulnerable to a pullback.
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Here is Why Value Investors Should Buy Extreme Networks Now

As the COVID-19 pandemic amplified the demand for innovative cloud networking solutions, communication equipment and network infrastructure, Extreme Networks (EXTR) emerged as a critical provider in accelerating digital transformation. Although EXTR has surged 266% over the past year, we believe the stock still has plenty of upside, based on its sound financials, innovative products, and robust long-term plans. Read ahead to learn why EXTR’s stock is a good addition to one’s portfolio at its current price level.
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Ally Financial is a Buy Even After its Recent Run Up

The auto industry was one of the hardest hit industrials sectors by the COVID-19 pandemic, which included a slump in lower auto loan generation. Hence, the financials of Ally Financial Inc. (ALLY), a leading digital financial-services company with a focus on automotive loans and insurance, took a dive. However, if the global economy revives this year, as is widely anticipated, many expect there will be an auto-buying boom and an accompanying increase in auto loans. Based on this outlook, the shares of the ALLY have surged 35% over the past three months. Read ahead to learn whether ALLY can maintain its momentum.
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