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Yohay, who has a B.Sc. in Computer Science from the Ben-Gurion University in Beer-Sheva, Israel, founded Forex Crunch, a blog crafted in his free time that turned into a fully-fledged currency website. He specializes in fundamental and political analysis and also covers technical analysis and educational content. His activities around the site also included managing internal and external writers, marketing, holding webinars, public speaking, and podcasting. He collaborated with other outlets such as FXStreet, Forex Factory, Business Insider, DailyFX, ForexTV, TradersLog, and many more. On occasion, he got under the hood – using his skills as a computer programmer after previously working for several startups in Israel.

Recent Articles By Yohay Elam

: SPCE |  News, Ratings, and Charts

3 Reasons Virgin Galactic Holdings Will Continue its Meteoric Rise

Soaring above the skies? Why Virgin Galactic’s (SPCE) shares are spiking and why they will continue to rally.
: FCEL |  News, Ratings, and Charts

FuelCell Energy: A Buying Opportunity or Time to Sell?

A close examination of FuelCell Energy's (FCEL) fundamentals and technicals reveals contradicting forces that make a stock to keep on your radar.
: VXRT |  News, Ratings, and Charts

Why are Shares of Vaccine Maker Vaxart Surging this Week?

As the race to find a COVID-19 vaccine heats up, shares of Vaxart (VXRT) soared more than 46% in Monday's trading after it was announced the FDA gave the company the green light to begin a human Phase 1 trial.
: CPE |  News, Ratings, and Charts

Callon Petroleum Company Shows Signs of Hitting a Bottom

How low can shares of Callon Petroleum Company (CPE) go? The oil company might have found a bottom.
: SHLL |  News, Ratings, and Charts

Tortoise Acquisition Soars as it Targets Hyliion, a Hybrid Truck Powertrain Company

The tortoise is proving to be a hare – Tortoise Acquisition Corp. is on course to merge with a promising hybrid truck firm, and investors are cheering.
: AMC |  News, Ratings, and Charts

Why are Shares of AMC Entertainment Holdings SURGING?

AMC Entertainment Holdings (AMC) is surging after selling some European holdings and attempting to repurchase theaters in the US impacted by the coronavirus.
: HOME |  News, Ratings, and Charts

Why Shares of At Home Group (HOME) Will Continue to Rally

The winners in 2020 are not limited to tech stocks – At Home Group (HOME) shares are rising. There are good reasons to believe that there is more potential for growth as normality returns.
: TSLA |  News, Ratings, and Charts

As Tesla Shares Slide Today, is it a Buying Opportunity?

Tesla’s stock price slides after announcing it will sell $5 billion worth of stock. However, this slide will most likely be temporary.
: ABT |  News, Ratings, and Charts

Abbott Laboratories Set to Rally Amid Interest from 2 Types of Buyers

Abbott Laboratories has more room to rise due to the federal government’s large order of coronavirus tests. Here is how it attracts two types of investors.
: AMC |  News, Ratings, and Charts

3 Reasons to BUY AMC Entertainment Holdings

Buying the dip has been proving the best script in stock markets for year, and for AMC Entertainment Holdings (AMC) there are three reasons to support a positive twist in the plot.
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