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Andrew Hecht is a sought-after commodity and futures trader, an options expert and analyst. He is a top ranked author on Seeking Alpha in various categories. Andy spent nearly 35 years on Wall Street, including two decades on the trading desk of Phillip Brothers, which became Salomon Brothers and ultimately part of Citigroup. Over the past decades, he has researched, structured and executed some of the largest trades ever made, involving massive quantities of precious metals and bulk commodities. Aside from contributing to a variety of sites, Andy is the Editor-in-Chief at Option Hotline.

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Buffet Bets $10 Billion On Natural Gas

Warren Buffet stayed quiet during the beginning of the pandemic, which was a change from the norm as he typically would buy up distressed assets. That changed when he purchased natural gas (UNG) from Dominion Energy (D).
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Slack Files Antitrust Complaint Against Microsoft in EU

Slack (WORK) and Microsoft (MSFT) are locked in a David vs Goliath battle. The latest front in this war is Slack filing an antitrust complaint in the EU, accusing MSFT of unfairly bundling its product with MS Office.
: SQ |  News, Ratings, and Charts

The Reasons Why Square Shares Should Continue to Rise

Square (SQ), which is a possible takeover target and has been proving payment solutions in the post COVID-19 world, has been following an upward trend.
: BP |  News, Ratings, and Charts

British Petroleum Sends a Message

BP is one of the world's leading oil companies with a storied history. In recent years, it's shifted to focus to low cost and clean oil production. It made this clear with its latest move.
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Is the NASDAQ in a BUBBLE?

Is the NASDAQ in a bubble? We need to keep in mind what happened 20 years ago.
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Valero Offers ENTICING Long-Term Opportunity

Valero (VLO) has underperformed like most energy stocks, but its long-term fundamentals remain attractive, and it has a juicy 7% dividend.
: SONO |  News, Ratings, and Charts

Sonos: A Bargain and a Takeover Candidate

Sonos (SONO) is trading at a very attractive valuation which makes it a possible takeover target.
: USO |  News, Ratings, and Charts

Energy Stocks Underperforming Crude Oil: Here's Why That Matters

Since doubling off the lows, crude oil has been consolidating beneath $40. Learn how the behavior of energy stocks can give us some clues about the next major move in oil.
: CHK |  News, Ratings, and Charts

End of an Era: Chesapeake Goes Belly Up

Chesapeake Energy filed for bankruptcy. Low oil and gas prices are leading to a wave of consolidation and liquidation. High-quality survivors will thrive in the coming months.
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Microsoft And Apple Continue to Thrive

Microsoft (MSFT) and Apple’s (AAPL) are both worth over $1.5 Trillion.
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