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Imon is an investment analyst and journalist with an enthusiasm for financial research and writing. She began her career at Kantar IMRB, a leading market research and consumer consulting organization. Imon studied St. Xavier's University, where she majored in Economics and wrote her academic thesis on inflation and the stock market.

Recent Articles By Imon Ghosh

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Up 60% in the Past Month, is Affirm Holdings Still a Buy?

Fintech services platform provider Affirm Holdings’ (AFRM) stock price has soared 61.3% over the past month thanks to the company’s strategic collaboration with Target. However, given the intensifying competition in the buy-now-pay-later space, can the stock continue rallying? Let’s discuss.
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Does New Fortress Energy Deserve a Place in Your Portfolio?

Global energy infrastructure company New Fortress Energy (NAK) recently lifted its supply and earnings goals for the coming quarter due to its expanding portfolio of facilities and increased demand. However, given that production constraints have stymied global LNG supplies, the supply-demand mismatch could limit the company’s growth in the near term. So, is it worth betting on the stock now? Let’s discuss.
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Is Occidental Petroleum Corp. a Good Oil & Gas Stock to Buy?

The shares of international energy company Occidental Petroleum’s (OXY) have rallied 94.3% in price year-to-date as U.S. crude oil prices hit multi-year highs with OPEC+ sticking with its output increase plan. However, given the surprising rise in crude inventories and the risk of a fourth wave of COVID-19 hitting several countries, the energy space is expected to remain volatile. So, will the stock be able to maintain its momentum? Let’s find out.
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Should You Buy Aeterna Zentaris Under $1?

Drug development company Aeterna Zentaris (AEZS), specialized in oncology and endocrine, has made significant advancements in areas of unmet medical needs. But since its therapeutic and diagnostic products are still in their clinical and preclinical development stages, commercialization could take a long time. Additionally, given the concerns related to the company’s Nasdaq listing compliance notice and its shaky financials, is it worth betting on the stock at the current price level? Let’s find out.
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Is AngioDynamics a Winner in the Medical Device Industry?

Shares of a leading provider of minimally invasive medical devices, AngioDynamics (ANGO), have been surging on the back of solid revenue performance in its last reported quarter and continued investment in its Med Tech platform. However, given its uncertain growth outlook and the increasing competition in the medical devices space, can the stock keep rallying? Let’s find out.
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Is Penny Stock NXT-ID a Buy?

Nxt-ID (NXTD), a leading provider of technology products and services for healthcare applications, has witnessed its stock price decline significantly over the past month due to investor concerns surrounding its reverse stock split proposal vote to avoid Nasdaq delisting. In addition, since the company has been struggling to stay afloat, is the penny stock a safe bet now? Read more to find out.
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After its Merger with Zoom is Terminated, Does Five9 Deserve a Place in Your Portfolio?

Premier intelligent cloud contact center provider Five9 (FIVN) saw its shares tumble recently due to investor anxiety surrounding the termination of its $14.7 billion acquisition deal with Zoom (ZM) and several investigations concerning it. Given that the stock is expected to remain volatile amid this uncertainty, is it worth betting on now? Read more to find out.
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Is Neonode Still a Buy After Doubling in September?

Sweden-based optical sensing solutions provider Neonode (NEON) saw its shares jump 107.9% over the past month due to investor interest surrounding its recent deal with Korean contactless solution provider, and growing demand for its TSM solutions. However, due to bearish analyst sentiment and a negative profit margin, we think the stock looks overvalued at its current price level. Is the stock still a buy? Read more to find out.
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Up More Than 30% in the Past Month, is Spire Global Still a Buy?

Shares of the leading global space-based data and analytics provider Spire Global (SPIR) soared 33.7% over the past month thanks to its strategic collaborations and acquisition plans to accelerate its growth. Given the substantial rise in its additional recurring revenue and pipeline growth, can the stock maintain its rally? Let’s find out.
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Should You Add Predictive Oncology to Your Portfolio?

Predictive Oncology, a precision medicine company focused on applying artificial intelligence to develop personalized medical treatments, has gained significant investor attention because of its potential to expand its unique services to cater to its customers and researchers exploring new cancer therapies. But given that its weak business fundamentals are not in sync with its valuation, is it worth betting on the stock now? Read more to find out.
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