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Mangeet’s keen interest in the stock market led her to become an investment researcher and financial journalist. Using her fundamental approach to analyzing stocks, Mangeet’s looks to help retail investors understand the underlying factors before making investment decisions. She earned a bachelor's degree in finance from BI Norwegian Business School.

Recent Articles By Mangeet Kaur Bouns

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The Most Popular Large-Cap Stock on Wall Street to Buy

Tech giant Microsoft (MSFT) is well-positioned to thrive for years to come. The company’s recently announced a renewed partnership with AI startup OpenAI, demonstrating its efforts to keep growing in the AI space. With Wall Street analysts seeing a more than 16% upside potential, this large-cap tech stock is an ideal buy amid ongoing market uncertainties. Read on…
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Is It Smart to Store Your Money in Pure Storage Stock This Winter?

Data storage solutions provider Pure Storage (PSTG) delivered strong financial results in the third quarter, with strong revenue growth and increasing operating profits. PSTG’s innovative portfolio and unique Flash-optimized technology position the company to witness sustained growth in the upcoming quarters. However, is it wise to invest in this data storage stock amid uncertain macroeconomic conditions? Read on…
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3 Cheap Stocks to Buy if You're on a Budget

With the Fed’s intention to keep raising interest rates this year and mounting recession concerns, market volatility is expected to remain elevated in the near term. However, it could be an opportune time to invest in fundamentally sound stocks, Ambev (ABEV), trivago (TRVG), and Data Storage (DTST), which are currently trading at discounts to their peers. Continue reading…
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The 3 Best China Stocks to Watch

After an end to a challenging year, the Chinese abandoned its strict zero-Covid policy despite the country facing a surge in infections. This year, a sharp rebound in the economy is expected due to its reopening. Therefore, it could be an opportune time to add fundamentally strong Chinese stocks Hello Group (MOMO), China Automotive (CAAS), and Tarena (TEDU) to your watchlist. Read on…
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What Is the Best Auto Stock on Wall Street Right Now?

Auto giant General Motors (GM) achieved top-to-bottom-line growth in its third quarter and raised its full-year 2022 guidance. With the growing EV adoption worldwide, the company is committed to rapidly scaling its EV portfolio. With Wall Street analysts seeing an 18% upside in the stock, this auto stock could be an ideal addition to your portfolio. Read on…
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The Best Tech Stock to Buy on Wall Street Right Now

Tech giant Cisco Systems (CSCO) beat Wall Street’s top- and bottom-line estimates in the first quarter. Moreover, the company has increased its full-year 2023 guidance. Despite the challenging macroeconomic environment, CSCO has gained 10.1% over the past six months, and Wall Street analysts see another 17% upside in the stock. Hence, this tech stock could be an ideal investment now. Keep reading…
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These Are the 3 Best Stocks on Wall Street to Buy Now

Although inflation moderated for the sixth consecutive month in December, a recession is still likely as the Fed is expected to keep raising rates this year. Amid an uncertain economic backdrop, fundamentally strong and popular stocks on Wall Street, Microsoft (MSFT), Pfizer (PFE), and AT&T (T), could make ideal additions to your portfolio for market-beating returns. Keep reading…
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The No. 1 Biotech Stock to Buy for 2023

Biotech stock Vertex Pharmaceuticals (VRTX) outperformed its industry peers, gaining more than 30% over the past year. The company reported solid performance in the CF business and across the company in the last quarter. Moreover, VRTX is committed to delivering a diversified pipeline of transformative medicines and therapies. Hence, this leading biotech stock could be an ideal buy this year. Keep reading…
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The Best Software Stock on Wall Street

Software giant Microsoft (MSFT) reported outstanding third-quarter financials with solid revenue growth momentum. Moreover, analysts seem bullish about the company’s growth prospects. Amid rapid digitalization across sectors, demand for its products and services is expected to grow exponentially. With Wall Street analysts seeing a more than 19% upside potential, this tech stock is an ideal buy now. Read on…
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1 Large-Cap Stock You Should Purchase This Week

Pharmaceutical company Novartis (NVS) maintained its growth momentum in the third quarter of fiscal 2022, and the company’s growth prospects look promising, supported by its clear focus on five core therapeutic areas, having multiple significant in-market and pipeline assets. Given NVS’ reliable dividend payments and high profitability, this large-cap stock could be a solid investment to ensure stable returns in the current macro environment. Read on…

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