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Nimesh Jaiswal's fervent interest in analyzing and interpreting financial data led him to a career as a financial analyst and journalist. The importance of financial statements in driving a stock’s price is the key approach that he follows while advising investors in his articles.

Nimesh majored in accounting and finance in college and is currently pursuing a CMA (Cost & Management Accountant) program.

Recent Articles By Nimesh Jaiswal

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4 Downgraded Stocks to Stay Away From in July

With the increasing odds of the economy slipping into a recession due to the Fed’s aggressive interest rate hikes to reduce inflation, it could be difficult for fundamentally weak stocks to find support anytime soon. DiaMedica (DMAC), CytomX (CTMX), Meta Financial (CASH), and Live Oak (LOB) have recently been downgraded by Wall Street analysts because of their weak financials and growth prospects. So, these stocks are best avoided now. Read more…
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The Airline System Is Failing, but Are Southwest and Delta Airlines Still Buys?

Despite a booming summer travel demand, increasing cancellations and delays due to personnel shortages lead to a failing airline system. Amid this backdrop, it’s wise to avoid Southwest Airlines (LUV) and Delta Air Lines (DAL), given their weak fundamentals. Read more...
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2 Discounted Telecom Stocks to Add in July

With the continuation of hybrid lifestyles, rapid digital transformation, and government support, the telecom industry is expected to keep growing. So, we think it could be wise to scoop up quality telecom stocks Ooma, Inc. (OOMA) and InterDigital (IDCC), which are currently trading at discounts to their peers. Keep reading…
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Insiders Buying CalAmp Stock, but You Should Buy These Names Instead

Although CalAmp (CAMP) insiders look confident about the company's future prospects as they have recently bought shares, it seems significantly overvalued at the current price level considering its weak financials. So, it could be better to bet on networking solutions companies Extreme Networks (EXTR) and AudioCodes (AUDC) instead. These two companies possess sound financials and are well-positioned to capitalize on the industry's tailwinds. Keep reading…
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2 Beaten-Down Industry Leaders to Take Another Look at

Concerns over the multi-decade-high inflation and the increasing odds of the economy slipping into a recession due to the Fed’s aggressive interest rate increases have led to a massive correction in equities over the past few months. Shares of industry leaders Builders FirstSource (BLDR) and HCA Healthcare (HCA) have been beaten down lately, but they hold solid rebound potential. So, it could be wise to add these stocks to your watchlist. Read on to learn more…
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3 Freshly Rated "Buy" Stocks For July

Amid the depressed market conditions on increasing odds of a recession, it could be wise to invest in high-quality stocks Dover (DOV), Expeditors (EXPD), and Sasol (SSL). Based on their solid financials and growth prospects, our proprietary rating system has recently upgraded these stocks to Buy. Keep reading…
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1 Internet Stock to Buy and 1 to Avoid

With advancements in the Internet of Things (IoT) and rapidly increasing internet users worldwide, some internet stocks are well-positioned to soar, while others may struggle to stay afloat amid the macroeconomic headwinds. Given its solid financials and growth potential, it could be wise to invest in Shutterstock (SSTK) in the internet space. However, Stitch Fix's (SFIX) is best avoided now because of its weak fundamentals. Read more…
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3 Large-Cap REIT Stocks to Add to Your Portfolio

Since growing concerns over a potential recession due to the Fed’s aggressive interest rate hikes could keep the overall stock market highly volatile in the near term, REITs Crown Castle (CCI), Equinix (EQIX), and Weyerhaeuser (WY) could be good additions to your portfolio for generating a steady income stream. Continue reading...
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Better Buy: Block Vs. Forrester Research

Despite persisting data security concerns, the fintech industry is expected to grow with the rapid adoption of advanced technologies and digital transactions. So, fintech companies Forrester Research (FORR) and Block (SQ) should benefit from the industry tailwinds. But which of these two stocks is a better buy now? Read more to find out...
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4 "Strong Buy" Biotech Stocks to Add to Your Watchlist

As the Biotech industry’s role in finding cures for chronic diseases and critical conditions is expected to keep attracting investors’ attention, it could be wise to scoop up shares of the fundamentally-strong biotech companies Vertex Pharmaceuticals (VRTX), United Therapeutics (UTHR), Amgen (AMGN), and Sino Biopharmaceutical (SBHMY) because of their solid growth prospects based on continued innovations. Keep reading...
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