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Nimesh Jaiswal's fervent interest in analyzing and interpreting financial data led him to a career as a financial analyst and journalist. The importance of financial statements in driving a stock’s price is the key approach that he follows while advising investors in his articles.

Nimesh majored in accounting and finance in college and is currently pursuing a CMA (Cost & Management Accountant) program.

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2 Software Stocks That Are a Better Buy Than Blackberry

BlackBerry’s (BB) shares have generated significant returns over the past few months riding the meme frenzy. However, its lofty valuations are not in sync with its fundamentals. So, it’s better to bet on established and fundamentally-sound software companies such as Microsoft (MSFT) and VMware (VMW) to cash in on industry tailwinds.
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5 Overlooked OTC Stocks to Buy in June

While OTC stocks are generally overlooked because they carry a high degree of risk, not all are speculative bets. OTC stocks Tencent (TCEHY), Volkswagen (VWAGY), Daimler (DDAIF), Bayer (BAYRY), and Ubisoft (UBSFY) have strong financials and are expected to soar in the near term. So, it could be wise to bet on these stocks now.
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Don't get Stuck in Reverse with These 2 EV stocks

Even though the EV industry is expected to grow substantially over the long term thanks to increasing consumer demand and government policy support, the global semiconductor chip shortage could mar its growth in the near term. Against this backdrop, we think it is wise to avoid Nikola (NKLA) and Canoo (GOEV) given their weak financials and bleak growth prospects. Read on.
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Buy These 4 Undervalued Growth Stocks Before It’s Too Late

With the global economy recovering fast, this may be the ideal time to invest in quality growth stocks that are still trading at reasonable valuations. Daimler (DDAIF), Regeneron (REGN), POSCO (PKX), and Covestro (COVTY) are examples of names that possess solid growth attributes and are trading at valuations that are lower than their peers. So, we think it could be wise to scoop up their shares before their prices rise to justified levels. Read on.
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2 Top Tech Stocks Under $10 to Buy in June

Even though investors earlier this year rotated away from tech stocks to cyclical stocks to capitalize on the recovering economy, the tech industry is gradually resuming its rally due to the increasing adoption of cloud computing, 5G-enabled products and other advanced technologies. So, based on that, we think it could be wise to invest now in low-priced tech names Nokia (NOK) and Sharp (SHCAY), which possess strong financials.
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3 Stocks to Buy Before the Infrastructure Bill Passes

The infrastructure sector is gaining traction as construction activities increase with the reopening of the global economy. Furthermore, President Biden’s proposed infrastructure plan to rebuild and reshape U.S. infrastructure and its economy is expected to provide a solid boost to the sector. Consequently, we think it could be wise to bet on fundamentally sound companies that service the sector, such as Caterpillar (CAT), Cummins (CMI), and Nucor (NUE) before Biden’s bill is passed. Read on.
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These 2 Biotech Stocks Are Up 50% In 2021 and Could Go Even Higher

Biotech companies have attracted a great deal of attention amid the global public health crisis with their efforts to help the world fight the COVID-19 virus. Furthermore, the industry is making significant progress in finding cures for several previously incurable diseases with the help of advanced technologies. With continued innovation and strong financials, we think Biogen (BIIB) and BioNTech (BNTX) are examples of companies in the sector that are well positioned to keep benefiting from the industry’s solid growth prospects. Read on.
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3 Under the Radar Energy ETFs to Buy with Oil Above $70

The energy sector is expected to continue benefiting from rising oil prices, which are being driven by increasing demand due to the resumption of industrial activities and rising mobility. We think investors looking to capitalize on the industry tailwinds in a relatively less risky manner could invest in United States Oil Fund, LP (USO), Global X Uranium ETF (URA), and United States Natural Gas Fund, LP (UNG). These under-the-radar funds are well-positioned to benefit from the rising oil prices. So, let’s pore over these funds.
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2 Monstrous 5G Stocks That Are on Sale

With 5G technology now rolling out around the globe, the industry holds immense growth potential. However, along with some prominent tech stocks, some 5G stocks have experienced a noteworthy correction lately, with investors rotating to cyclical stocks. In the 5G space, Intel (INTC) and Ericsson (ERIC) hold immense growth potential, but these two stocks are trading now at significant discounts to their peers. So, we think it could be wise to bet on them right now.
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3 Large-Cap Tech Stocks Wall Street Predicts Will Rally by 25% or More

Even though the tech sector is volatile due to investors' sector rotation and concerns over rising inflation, many tech stocks are well positioned to gain from an increasing demand for advanced tech solutions from almost all industries. So, we think that Investors who are seeking to capitalize on the industry’s impressive future growth—ignoring the short-term price fluctuations—could bet on large-cap stocks Apple (AAPL), Amazon (AMZN), and QUALCOMM (QCOM). Wall Street analysts expect these stocks to deliver solid returns in the near term. Read on.
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