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Samiksha Agarwal has always had a keen interest in financial markets. This has led her to a career as a financial journalist. Through her extensive knowledge of fundamental analysis, her goal is to help investors identify untapped investment opportunities in the stock market.

Samiksha majored in Business Administration while in college and Finance and Marketing in graduate school. Before becoming a writer at StockNews.com she worked as a financial advisor.

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2 Top Summer Travel Stocks to Buy Now

As more people get immunized against COVID-19, travel activity is expected to be high this summer. Given that many people had to cancel summer travel last year due to pandemic restrictions, there is significant pent-up desire to take time off and travel this year. Given this, we think travel stocks Winnebago (WGO) and Travelzoo (TZOO) are solid bets now. Read on.
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Forget Virgin Galactic Holdings, Buy These 2 Aerospace Stocks Instead

Despite Virgin Galactic’s (SPCE) successful recent mission to the edge of space and back, past technical issues, delays in flight tests, and potentially tough future competition are a few reasons why we think the stock is a risky bet and should be avoided now. Instead, we think the stocks of aerospace companies Lockheed Martin (LMT) and Northrop Grumman (NOC) have the potential to outperform the market given that they are driving the industry forward. Read on for insights into these companies’ prospects.
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2 Top Kitchenware Product Stocks to Add to Your Portfolio

Despite the easing of COVID-19 pandemic related restrictions, restaurant patronage is expected to remain at less than pre-pandemic levels for some time because remote lifestyles will likely continue even with solid progress on the coronavirus vaccination front. As a result, home remodeling, including kitchen spaces, should continue. For similar reasons, the demand for kitchenware should continue to climb. Hence, we think kitchenware companies Tupperware (TUP) and Lifetime Brands (LCUT) could be solid additions to one’s portfolio now. Let’s discuss this.
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2 Information Technology Service Stocks to Add to Your Watchlist

The information technology services industry is expected to continue growing as organizations adopt software and cloud-computing to digitize their businesses to improve their operational efficiency. Consequently, we think the shares of leading IT services companies Accenture plc (ACN) and Wipro (WIT) could now be good additions to one’s portfolio.
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3 Marijuana Stocks to Avoid in June

Even though there’s increasing optimism of the MORE Act passing which would decriminalize cannabis at the federal level. Most likely the bill would be blocked by Senate Republicans. Further, this item doesn’t seem to be a priority for President Biden. Given this uncertainty, the marijuana market is susceptible to extreme volatility in the upcoming months. So, the fundamentally weak and overvalued companies in the cannabis space – Curaleaf Holdings (CURLF), Innovative Industrial Properties (IIPR), and TerrAscend (TRSSF) – should be avoided.
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2 Uniform Stocks to Buy Now as Employees Return to Work

As more than 50% adults are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 in the United States, factories and offices are reopening and the return-to-physical-workspace trend is gaining steam and pushing workers to seek uniforms from popular companies like Cintas (CTAS) and UniFirst (UNF). These companies are well positioned to witness a surge in orders in the near term.
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3 Top Robotics Stocks to Buy on the Dip

The need for increased productivity and efficiency, coupled with technological advances, has created broad-based demand for robotics. For instance, in the healthcare sector, the need to adopt less invasive and more precise ways to treat patients is expected to further heighten the sector’s demand for robotic technologies. As such, we think the recent price dip in robotics stocks Intuitive Surgical (ISRG), Boston Scientific (BSX), and Integra LifeSciences (IART) provides a perfect opportunity to bet on them because they have the potential to generate significant returns in the near term. So, let’s pore over these names.
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Buy These 2 Stocks as the Demand for Home Appliances Remains Strong

Despite significant progress on the vaccination front, many people are still unwilling to fully resume outdoor activities. So, for now, many people continue to focus on improving their living spaces, including the upgrade of home appliances. Rising disposable income has put more consumers in a position to now purchase smart appliances. We think this trend bodes well for Whirlpool (WHR) and Conn (CONN). Let’s discuss.
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2 Auto Manufacturing Stocks to Buy in June, 2 to Avoid

As the global economy gradually gets back on track, sales of commercial and personal vehicles are expected to soar. However, given that the auto industry is currently hamstrung by a global semiconductor chip shortage, automakers have been forced to reduce production. While financially sound automakers Honda Motor (HMC) and Mazda Motor (MZDAY) are uniquely positioned to overcome this challenge and sail through the supply-chain blip, companies like Nio (NIO) and GreenPower Motor (GP), with weak fundamentals and growth prospects, will have a harder time doing so and, as such, we think are best avoided now.
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3 Chinese Stocks Wall Street Predicts Will Rally By 40% or More

Despite Beijing’s current regulatory crackdown on internet giants in an effort to rein in their monopolistic behavior, there’s plenty of optimism surrounding these companies’ long-term growth prospects. As such, Wall Street expects leading Chinese stocks Alibaba (BABA), Baidu (BIDU), and HUYA (HUYA) to rally considerably. Underpinned by strong economic and consumption growth, these companies are poised to soar in the coming months. So, let’s take a closer look at these names.
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