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Spandan's is a financial journalist and investment analyst focused on the stock market. With her ability to interpret financial data, she aims to help investors evaluate the fundamentals of a company before investing. Spandan majored in accounting and finance in college and is currently pursuing the Cost and Management Accountant (CMA) program.

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Defend Your Portfolio From Inflation With These 2 Stocks

Given the expected market turbulence caused by elevated inflation and aggressive interest rate hikes, investing in fundamentally sound stocks Sysco (SYY) and Pilgrim's Pride (PPC) could help cushion one’s portfolio. Read on to learn more...
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3 Stocks to Help You Grow the Nest Egg

The S&P 500 and the Nasdaq closed the last week lower, ending the four-week winning streak on concerns over the hawkish Fed and weak economic data of some of the influential countries. However, investors should consider fundamentally sound growth stocks The Kroger (KR), Johnson & Johnson (JNJ), and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSM), which also provide a steady income in the form of dividends to generate solid long-term returns. Read on to know more…
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1 Stock to Take off Your Watchlist if You Haven't Already

Shares of the camera and social media company Snap Inc. (SNAP) have plunged 73.3% year-to-date due to the broader tech sell-off and the company’s weak operating performance. Given the company’s lower-than-industry profitability, the stock still looks overvalued at the current price level and might lose further. So, it could be wise to exclude it from your watchlist. Keep reading…
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3 Overrated Stocks to Avoid This Fall

Though inflation has declined slightly from the multi-decade high level, the Federal Reserve’s intention to keep raising interest rates until price increases return to its target level could keep the stock market under pressure in the near term. Therefore, we think it could be wise to avoid fundamentally weak stocks Snap Inc. (SNAP), NIO Inc. (NIO), and Plug Power (PLUG), which are currently trading at lofty valuations. Continue reading…
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1 Cheap Telecom Stock to Consider Buying Now

Millicom International (TIGO) reported impressive service revenue and EBITDA growth in its last quarter and expects its OCF and cumulative EFCF to rise significantly for 2022. This defensive stock's lower valuation and strong profitability make it an ideal candidate for investors looking for steady returns. Continue reading…
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4 Momentum Stocks to Keep an Eye on This Fall

Despite a slight decline in inflation from the 40-year high level, robust employment data and persistent price pressures could prompt the Fed to maintain its hawkish policy stance, keeping the stock market under pressure. Therefore, it could be wise to invest in APA Corporation (APA), Dynagas LNG (DLNG), Friedman Industries (FRD), and GeoPark (GPRK) to benefit from their momentum, which might continue for some time based on their fundamental strength, irrespective of the market conditions. Keep reading…
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4 High-Volume Stocks Investors Should Sell Right Now

The stock market has been witnessing a rally lately, with robust economic data and a decline in inflation in July boosting investors' sentiment. However, as inflation remains elevated and geopolitical issues continue, the market could witness volatility in the months ahead. Therefore, fundamentally weak stocks AMC Entertainment (AMC), Carnival Corporation (CCL), SoFi Technologies (SOFI), and Shopify (SHOP), which are trading at high volume with the return of meme frenzy, could be best avoided now. Read on…
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This 1 Stock Makes a Safe Bet for Income Investors

Vodafone (VOD) reported solid revenue growth in its last reported quarter despite the macroeconomic headwinds. Moreover, given its impressive history of shareholder returns in the form of dividends, we think this stock could be an ideal option for investors looking for a stable income stream. Continue reading…
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3 Safe and Cheap Dividend Stocks to Buy Right Now

Inflation slightly slowed from the 40-year high in July, but it still remains elevated. Therefore, the stock market is expected to remain under pressure, with the Fed potentially maintaining its hawkish stance to bring prices down. Moreover, the geopolitical tensions are adding to investors’ concerns. Given this backdrop, it could be wise to invest in dividend-paying stocks Worldwide (KRO), ARC Document (ARC), and Banco Bilbao Vizcaya (BBVA), which are currently trading at discounts to their peers. Continue reading…
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1 Stock That Can Survive When Consumers Cut Back on Spending

Despite the multi-decade high inflation, Colgate-Palmolive (CL) reported impressive revenue growth for the last quarter. Given inelastic demand for its products, the company can maintain its profitability even if consumers cut back on spending in a potentially recessionary environment. Therefore, it could be wise to invest in the stock. Read on to learn more...
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