About Abhishek Bhuyan

Abhishek embarked on his professional journey as a financial journalist due to his keen interest in discerning the fundamental factors that influence the future performance of financial instruments.

Although Abhishek holds a bachelor's degree in science, his primary goal is to enhance his comprehension of self-learned investment research and provide valuable assistance to retail investors, enabling them to make informed investment decisions.

Recent Articles By Abhishek Bhuyan

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3 Small-Cap Stocks With Big Potential

Despite the associated risks, such as volatility, small-cap stocks with high-growth potential remain an attractive choice due to their outsized returns; thus, it could be prudent to consider adding strong stocks like Docebo (DCBO), SIGA Technologies (SIGA), and J.Jill (JILL) with big potential to capitalize on these industry trends. Keep reading...
: UGI |  News, Ratings, and Charts

3 Utility Stocks Offering Reliable Dividends

The utility sector's defensive nature makes it popular among investors. In addition, the move to renewable energy, tech improvements, and grid modernization will fuel its long-term growth. Therefore, investors could look to buy fundamentally strong utility stocks such as UGI (UGI), Brookfield Infrastructure (BIPC), and Central Puerto (CEPU) that offer reliable dividends now. Read on...
: SHOP |  News, Ratings, and Charts

3 E-Commerce Stocks Capitalizing on Digital Shopping Trends

The e-commerce sector shows promise due to the internet's transformative impact, AI, enhanced experiences, mobile dominance, and ongoing innovations. Therefore, it could be wise to consider adding strong e-commerce stocks like Shopify (SHOP), MercadoLibre (MELI), and Etsy (ETSY) to capitalize on these industry trends. Keep reading...
: PYPL |  News, Ratings, and Charts

3 Fintech Stocks Revolutionizing Financial Services

Fintech is causing a revolutionary shift in the financial services market and this could be the right time to scoop up fundamentally strong fintech stocks like PayPal Holdings (PYPL), NerdWallet (NRDS), and Qifu Technology (QFIN). Read more...
: GSK |  News, Ratings, and Charts

3 Value Stocks to Buy for Bargain Hunters

Amid macroeconomic challenges like high inflation, recession threats, and global uncertainties, value stocks such as GSK (GSK), Expedia Group (EXPE), and Albertsons (ACI) offer promising opportunities for savvy bargain hunters. Read on...
: SPG |  News, Ratings, and Charts

3 REITs for Reliable Passive Income

Considering the dependable passive income through dividends that REITs offer, they present a compelling choice for income-focused investors. Therefore, it could be wise to explore investments in robust REITs such as Simon Property Group (SPG), Lamar Advertising (LAMR), and Gaming and Leisure Properties (GLPI) for reliable passive income. Read on...
: VZ |  News, Ratings, and Charts

2 Buy-Rated Telecom to Snatch Up in June

The U.S. telecom industry is set for substantial growth, driven by increasing demand for high-speed connectivity, ongoing innovations, and the rapid expansion of 5G networks. Hence, investors might consider buying fundamentally strong telecom stocks AT&T (T) and Verizon Communications (VZ) this June. Read on...
: BOX |  News, Ratings, and Charts

3 High-Growth Tech Stocks to Buy Before They Skyrocket

The tech sector is growing due to increased spending, advanced hardware demand, 5G/IoT progress, and sector-wide digital transformation. Therefore, high-growth tech stocks Box (BOX), LiveRamp Holdings (RAMP), and Lantronix (LTRX) could be ideal additions to one’s portfolio before they skyrocket. Read on...
: AAPL |  News, Ratings, and Charts

Apple (AAPL) vs. NVIDIA (NVDA) - Assessing June AI Growth Potential

Despite facing tough competition, the tech hardware and chip industries show promise thanks to AI adoption, automation, and growing demand for smart products and services in today's tech era. Let's analyze Apple (AAPL) and NVIDIA (NVDA) to see which stock offers better AI growth potential in June. Keep reading...
: ALSN |  News, Ratings, and Charts

3 Auto Stock Buys for Portfolio Stability

The auto industry is poised for growth with robust consumer demand, the surge in EV and hybrid trends, increasing demand for advanced automotive parts, and the adoption of cutting-edge technologies. Hence, investors might consider quality stocks Allison Transmission Holdings (ALSN), Garrett Motion (GTX), and Ituran Location and Control (ITRN) for portfolio stability. Read on...
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