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Since he was in grade school, Dipanjan was interested in the stock market. This led to him obtaining a master’s degree in Finance and Accounting. Currently, as an investment analyst and financial journalist, Dipanjan has a strong interest in reading and analyzing emerging trends in financial markets. His goal is to help investors make the best investment decisions based on a fundamental approach.

Recent Articles By Dipanjan Banchur

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Should You Invest in the Tobacco Industry?

Despite many perceiving the tobacco industry as detrimental to society, most tobacco companies are investor favorites due to their extraordinary returns. Apart from their market-beating returns, these stocks are well known for their high dividend yields. Given an inelastic demand for products and high dividend payouts, this defensive industry looks well-positioned to survive the possible economic slump. Therefore, today I am going to analyze prominent companies in this space — Altria Group (MO), Vector Group (VGR), and British American Tobacco (BTI).
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Should You Scoop Up Shares of Cazoo Group?

The demand for used cars has soared since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic because the production of new cars has been impacted by logistical issues and semiconductor shortages fostered by the public health crisis, driving up the cost of new vehicles. Since the new car market is expected to remain under pressure in the near term, we think it wise to bet on the shares of online used car retailer Cazoo Group (CZOO) despite its weak fundamentals? Please read on to learn our view.
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3 ETFs to Buy if You Think We're Nowhere Near a Bottom

The stock market has been under pressure of late for various macroeconomic and geopolitical reasons. Investors are primarily worried now that the Fed’s aggressive monetary policy tightening to tame surging inflation could tip the economy into recession. We think investors who believe the market has still to hit bottom even after a significant decline so far this year could consider adding inverse ETFs ProShares UltraShort (SDS), ProShares Short Russell2000 (RWM), and ProShares Short Dow30 (DOG) to their portfolios. These ETFs could be solid hedges against a market downturn. Let’s discuss.
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Li-Cycle Holdings: Does This Battery Recycler Deserve a Place in Your Portfolio?

The ever-increasing demand for lithium-ion batteries makes the prospects of the lithium-ion battery recycling industry bright. However, considering the weak financials and stretched valuation of battery recycler Li-Cycle (LICY), can its stock cash in on the industry trends? Read on to learn our view.
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Worried About a Market Meltdown? Then Buy These 5 Stocks Now

The market’s near-term outlook remains uncertain on concerns over the persistent macroeconomic and geopolitical issues. But we think investors worried about a market meltdown can look to add quality stocks Coca-Cola FEMSA (KOF), CGI (GIB), Novartis (NVS), PLDT (PHI), and Fresenius Medical Care (FMS) to their portfolios because these names are well-positioned to dodge the pressures and perform steadily. So, let’s discuss.
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Is Capital One a Smart Financial Stock to Invest In?

The rising interest rate environment bodes well for the financial industry because higher rates increase its interest income. So, is Capital One Financial (COF) well-positioned to capitalize on the rising interest rates? Read on to learn our view.
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5 Cost-Conscious Retail Stocks That Could Thrive During a Recession

Many analysts believe that the U.S. economy is slipping into recession. We think investors looking to dodge the recessionary pressure could bet on discount retail stocks Costco (COST), Walmart (WMT), BJ’s Wholesale (BJ), PriceSmart (PSMT), and Target (TGT). So, let’s discuss.
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Does OrganiGram Holdings Deserve a Place in Your Cannabis Portfolio?

The cannabis industry has attracted significant investor attention over the past couple of years due to its growing use for both medical and recreational purposes. Also, the increasing legalization of marijuana in the United States is expected to drive the industry’s growth. So, is OrganiGram (OGI) well-positioned to capitalize on the industry trends? Read on to learn our view.
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How Does the Pharmaceutical Industry Perform During Recessions?

The Fed’s aggressive interest rate hikes and high energy prices will likely fuel recessionary conditions. Moreover, the unexpected decline in GDP in the first quarter indicates a possible economic contraction. Amid such possibilities, the pharmaceutical industry could attract investors’ attention because of the inelastic demand for its products. Today, I am going to discuss how well-positioned the pharma industry is to survive the potential recession and why it could be wise to bet on Bristol-Myers (BMY), Bayer Aktiengesellschaft (BAYRY), and Takeda Pharmaceutical (TAK).
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Look to Consumer Staples Stocks on Mounting Recession Fears

The Fed’s aggressive interest rate hikes and the high energy prices are likely to fuel recessionary conditions. The unexpected decline in GDP in the first quarter indicates a possible slowdown with prices rising continuously. Amid fears of high inflation and a consequent recession, investors can look to bet on shares of consumer staples companies due to inelastic demand for their products. Today, I am going to discuss how well-positioned PepsiCo (PEP), Altria (MO), and The Coca-Cola Company (KO) are to survive an economic turmoil.

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