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Her interest in risky instruments and passion for writing made Kritika an analyst and financial journalist. She earned her bachelor's degree in commerce and is currently pursuing the CFA program. With her fundamental approach, she aims to help investors identify untapped investment opportunities.

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1 Internet Retail Stock You Might Want to Lay off of Right Now

Amidst broad-based recessionary fears, used car dealer Carvana (CVNA) posted weaker-than-expected third-quarter earnings. Given its weak fundamentals, it might be wise to avoid the stock now. Read more…
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4 Stocks That Can Help Fire up Your Portfolio This Winter

Recent data indicates the signs of slowing down inflation. Additionally, the Fed is leaning toward slowing its pace of rate hikes. Amid this, fundamentally strong stocks Johnson & Johnson (JNJ), CVS Health (CVS), Douglas Dynamics (PLOW), and Genie Energy (GNE) might be ideal additions to your portfolio this winter. Continue reading...
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Is It Too Late to Get in on the Upward Move in This Medical Stock?

Despite economic uncertainties, leading pharma company Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMY) beat street estimates in the fiscal third quarter with solid financials. However, given the current market turmoil, is it too late to get on the upward move in this stock? Continue reading to find out...
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3 Stocks That Can Help Ease Your Recession Fears

Major macroeconomic headwinds have heightened recessionary fears in the economy. Moreover, the Fed will likely keep raising rates next year as well. Amid fears of a downturn, fundamentally strong stocks PepsiCo (PEP), Humana (HUM), and Weis Markets (WMK) might be ideal investments based on their stable and consistent dividend history. Read on...
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Is Now a Good Time to Add General Motors Stock to Your Portfolio?

Despite macroeconomic headwinds, prominent car maker company General Motors (GM) reported strong third-quarter results. Moreover, the company intends to capitalize on the growing EV demand by rapidly growing its EV portfolio. So, is it a good time to add GM to your portfolio? Let’s find out…
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3 Stocks You'll Be Thankful You Own This Winter

Amid cooling inflation, the Fed is most likely to lower its pace of rate hikes over the next months. However, inflation could still remain relatively high next year. Hence, fundamentally strong stocks Lowe's Companies (LOW), Centene Corporation (CNC), and Kroger (KR) might be ideal investments for this winter. Read more...
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1 China Stock to Buy Right Now and 1 to Avoid

Despite the rising Covid-cases, increasing restrictions, and political unrest in China, fundamentally strong Chinese stock Tarena International (TEDU) might be worth buying. However, GDS Holdings (GDS) might be best avoided considering its bleak fundamentals. Keep reading...
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3 Super Cheap Stocks to Consider Buying This Week

The Fed is likely to slow its pace of rate hikes over the coming months as inflation shows signs of cooling. Moreover, experts believe the stock market could see a significant rally at the year-end. Hence, fundamentally strong stocks Rimini Street (RMNI), GEE Group (JOB), and Ultralife Corporation (ULBI) might be solid buys this week. These stocks are trading at a discount. Read more...
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1 High-Dividend Stock to Add to Your Portfolio if You Haven’t Already

Amid prevalent COVID-19 cases, vaccine pioneer Pfizer (PFE) is significantly benefiting. Moreover, the company beat wall street expectations in the third quarter with a robust financial result and raised its revenue and EPS guidance for the year. Given its strong fundamentals, the stock could be a wise addition to your portfolio. Read more...
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3 Stocks Insiders Can’t Stop Buying This Month

After signs of cooling inflation, investors are hopeful that the Fed will slow its rate hikes over the coming months. With surging optimism, fundamentally strong stocks Merck (MRK), Coca-Cola (KO), and Verizon (VZ), which have seen increased insider buying, might be ideal investments now. Continue reading...

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