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Her interest in risky instruments and passion for writing made Kritika an analyst and financial journalist. She earned her bachelor's degree in commerce and is currently pursuing the CFA program. With her fundamental approach, she aims to help investors identify untapped investment opportunities.

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3 Game-Changing Software Stocks to Buy

As the demand for software-driven solutions and the rapid adoption of cloud and AI tools continue to gain momentum, the global software market is expected to be on the rise. So, it might be wise to buy fundamentally strong software stocks Blackbaud (BLKB), Pegasystems (PEGA), and GoDaddy (GDDY), which appear poised to capitalize on the industry’s transformative trends. Read on...
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PepsiCo (PEP) vs. Keurig Dr Pepper (KDP): Which Beverage Stock Has More Buying Interest?

The beverage industry is expected to thrive primarily due to its inelastic demand. In this context, let's delve into the profiles of two key players in the industry, PepsiCo (PEP) and Keurig Dr Pepper (KDP), to determine the better investment choice. Read on to learn more...
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3 Quality Auto Part Stocks to Add to Your Portfolio

Robust demand for upgraded vehicle capabilities presents a promising prospect for the auto parts industry. Thus, quality auto parts stocks O’Reilly Automotive (ORLY), Genuine Parts (GPC), and LKQ Corporation (LKQ) might be solid additions to one’s portfolio. Keep reading...
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3 Biotech Stocks with Breakout Growth Potential

Fueled by a combination of technological breakthroughs and unparalleled data accessibility, the biotechnology industry is poised for growth in the long term. Hence, fundamentally strong biotech stocks Theratechnologies (THTX), Shionogi (SGIOY), and Gilead Sciences (GILD), which show solid growth potential, might be worth buying. Read on...
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Coca-Cola Company (KO) vs. Anheuser-Busch (BUD) vs. Fresh Vine Wine (VINE): Which Beverage Stock is the Best Buy?

Despite market uncertainties and volatility, the beverage industry is expected to maintain a strong position due to sustained demand. However, let us analyze leading beverage stocks Coca-Cola (KO), Anheuser-Busch (BUD), and Fresh Vine Wine (VINE) to determine the best buy...
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Which Auto Stocks Are Investors After: NIO (NIO) vs. Blue Bird (BLBD)

With rising urbanization, economic growth, and infrastructure development globally, the demand for both passenger and commercial vehicles is soaring. While prominent auto companies like NIO (NIO) and Blue Bird (BLBD) stand to gain, let's assess which of these auto stocks offers a more enticing investment prospect...
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3 Hot Chip Stocks to Secure This Week

As chip demand continues to surge in vital sectors such as automotive, consumer electronics, telecom, and healthcare, the semiconductor industry’s prospects looks promising. Hence, fundamentally strong chip stocks Cohu (COHU), QUALCOMM (QCOM), and Applied Materials (AMAT) might be solid buys this week. Read more...
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AMC Entertainment (AMC) and Warner Music Group (WMG): Are These Entertainment Stocks Worth Buying?

The ongoing writers’ strike has plagued the entertainment industry. Moreover, changing consumer spending habits in the face of inflation and rising interest rates adds complexity to the industry. Hence, will buying AMC Entertainment (AMC) and Warner Music Group (WMG) be worth it? Keep reading...
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3 Top Tech Picks for Smart Investors

Given the widespread digitization and surging demand for tech services, the technology sector's future appears promising. Hence, fundamentally strong tech stocks Uber Technologies (UBER), CSP (CSPI), and Mastech Digital (MHH) might be top picks for smart investors. Read on...
: AMC |  News, Ratings, and Charts

What Should Investors Do with Shares of AMC Entertainment Holdings (AMC) This Week?

While an upcoming film screening might be profitable, AMC's financial metrics and market trends are concerning. Let us delve into some of its metrics to assess whether this stock is a buy this week...
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