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Samiksha Agarwal has always had a keen interest in financial markets. This has led her to a career as a financial journalist. Through her extensive knowledge of fundamental analysis, her goal is to help investors identify untapped investment opportunities in the stock market.

Samiksha majored in Business Administration while in college and Finance and Marketing in graduate school. Before becoming a writer at StockNews.com she worked as a financial advisor.

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3 Social Media Stocks Wall Street Predicts Will Rally by 15% or More

With the COVID-19 pandemic having catalyzed increased use of social media platforms, and with companies adjusting their marketing strategies to grab the attention of consumers on these platforms, companies in the social media space have been generating solid growth in advertising revenues. Businesses' growing social media marketing budgets have caught Wall Street analysts' attention and made optimistic about the upside potential of social media stocks Snap (SNAP), Twitter (TWTR), and Bumble (BMBL). Let’s discuss.
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2 Electric Vehicle Manufacturers Wall Street Analysts Predict Will Gain More Than 80%

With President Biden’s proposal to invest $174 billion in electric vehicle (EV) development, the domestic EV industry could witness solid growth soon despite short-term hurdles such as a global semiconductor chip shortage. Supportive government policies and regulations worldwide should also contribute to the industry’s growth. As a result, Wall Street expects the shares of EV makers Fisker (FSR) and Electrameccanica (SOLO) to gain more than 80% over the next 12 months. Read on for details.
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Buy the Dip in These 2 Cheap Commodity Stocks

As the global economy reopens and huge fiscal and monetary stimuli spur infrastructure building and job creation, a broad-based recovery in commodity prices is occurring. Furthermore, since commodities can provide a hedge against inflation, growing inflationary pressure has investors flocking to commodity stocks. As such, we think the recent price dip in commodity players POSCO (PKX) and Impala Platinum Holdings (IMPUY) should be seen as an opportunity to invest in them because they are capable of generating higher returns in the coming months. Let’s discuss.
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3 Cheap Software Stocks to Add to Your Portfolio

Despite the erratic performance of software stocks lately, the industry is expected to remain a key area of interest for investors in the coming months given the crucial role software is playing in this new era of remote lifestyles. Because increasing IT spending is expected to drive demand for software, we think low-priced software stocks Progress Software (PGRS), NetSol Technologies (NTWK), and Evolving Systems (EVOL) are well positioned to gain significantly in the near term. So, let’s take a closer look at these names.
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2 American Cannabis Stocks Wall Street Analysts Love

With its apparent health benefits and an increasing push for the legalization of marijuana, the cannabis industry is attracting significant investor attention. Because the stigma of association with the plant is being shed at breathtaking speed, it appears that the industry is en route to the mainstream. This backdrop makes Wall Street analysts extremely bullish on Curaleaf Holdings (CURLF) and Green Thumb (GTBIF). So come on, let’s evaluate these names.
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Take Advantage of the Recent Dip and Scoop Up These 3 Tech Stocks

Concerns over rising inflation and investors’ rotation to cyclical stocks to take advantage of the economic recovery have led many promising tech stocks to experience price plunges lately. However, we think this dip should be seen as an opportunity to invest in prominent tech players HP Inc. (HPQ), TTEC Holdings (TTEC), and Silicon Motions (SIMO) because they are uniquely positioned to generate substantial returns in the coming months. Let’s discuss.
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2 Tech Stocks Soaring to New 52-Week Highs

While investors’ concerns over rising inflation have been driving a rotation away from tech stocks, growing digital dependence globally should bode well for the industry in the long term. However, as the overall industry witnesses a decline, two prominent players in this space, Motorola Solutions (MIS) and NortonLifeLock (NLOK), have been soaring, and recently hit their new 52-week highs. With strong fundamentals, we think these two stocks are uniquely positioned to keep soaring. Read on to learn more about these names.
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2 Retailers Breaking Out to New 52-Week Highs

With online sales continuing to be a key channel for the retail industry and rapid COVID-19 vaccinations driving increased foot traffic in physical stores, retailers are increasingly optimistic about returning soon to the pre-pandemic normal. Prominent retailers CVS Health (CVS) and Target (TGT) have been strengthening their online presence to stay ahead of their peers and grab more market share. As such, shares of the two companies have recently soared to new 52-week highs and we think are well-positioned to capitalize on the industry tailwinds and gain more traction in the coming months. So, read on to learn more.
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3 Canadian Cannabis Stocks Wall Street Predicts Will Rally by More Than 30%

Although recreational cannabis use was legalized in Canada in 2018, with the legalization of cannabis now gaining substantial momentum in the United States, Canadian pot companies should have immense opportunities to expand their presence south of their border. Consequently, Wall Street analysts expect shares of Canopy Growth (CGC), Tilray (TLRY), and Village Farms (VFF) to rally significantly in the near term. Read on.
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4 Stocks Benefiting from Strong Consumer Spending

Massive fiscal stimulus spending and an improving job market on the back of a national COVID-19 vaccination program have been driving growth in consumer spending in the U.S. And since retail sales are by far the main driver of the U.S. economy—accounting for about one-third of consumer spending—the retail sector is expected to grow significantly going forward on rising consumer spending. So, we think leading players in this space—Walmart (WMT), Target (TGT), Albertsons (ACI), and Macy’s (M)—are uniquely positioned to benefit, and as such are worth more than a second look by investors. Read on.
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