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After earning a law degree cum laude with a focus on securities law, Steven worked as a Nasdaq market maker for a large broker dealer, and then as a trader for an arbitrage focused proprietary hedge fund.

He subsequently worked as a consultant for a Fortune 500 consulting firm serving both government and commercial clients, including the NYSE, Prudential, FDIC, and NASA.

Steven has founded a convertible arbitrage hedge fund, a strategic consulting firm, and now makes his home at StockWarrantsHQ.com. He is a regular contributor with Investors Alley.

Recent Articles By Steven Adams

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This Stock is Gearing Up for Growth with an Economic Recovery in 2024

While interest rate cut expectations may get pushed back a bit from March to June, it’s still a question of when, not if rate cuts will kick in. Those cuts should benefit a number of companies, from small rate sensitive firms, to the industrial and oil and gas focused sector players. One company sitting at the intersection of this potential move higher, having put its house in order in 2023, is transmission maker Twin Disc.
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With an Organic Focus, This Stock is Riding the Clean Eating Wave

As 2024 gets into full swing, a new dietary focus that has been growing over the past few years has burst onto the scene as perhaps the next food craze with staying power. Clean eating has been gathering advocates rapidly, and may now be at a tipping point, especially if the economy recovers and prices of organic foods stabilize. Dole stands to be a major winner in the clean eating movement as it turns its attention fully to the organic aisle.
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This Stock is Thriving in the Growing Brain Health Market

A recent study looking at memory and related diseases in older adults found taking multivitamin supplements had a statistically significant positive impact on study participants. This should give a boost to what is already a strong and growing supplement market globally. And, should provide further support to companies like Nature’s Sunshine Products, a leading provider of supplements and healthy food alternatives.
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These 2 Electronic Stocks are Approaching Winning in Different Ways

As electronic components become more sophisticated and provide the promise of efficiency and power management, many industries are upgrading and replacing electronic equipment and infrastructure. This is in turn fueling demand for these components, which was already stretched thin first by supply chain issues, and then by a rapid ramp in AI development in 2023. Many companies are just catching up in 2024. Though employing different strategies, TTMI Technologies and Eltek should see continued stock gains in 2024.
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This Household Name Should Stir Up Profits in 2024

An easing interest rate environment, as was highlighted again today by Fed Governor Waller, is imminent in 2024. It’s just a question of how much the Fed cuts. Lower rates will help housing stocks, which in turn will lift the related names, as companies that make everything that goes into a new or remodeled house rise with the tide. Lifetime Brands owns a large portfolio of housing related brands, and should see positive tailwinds from the housing sector this year.
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As Inflation Eases, This Consumer Giant and Innovator Will Benefit

By definition, small cap stocks should perform well in an ebbing inflation environment, which allows the Fed to drop interest rates…assuming the soft landing is intact. But, not only do small cap stocks benefit in this environment, but companies that can take advantage of decreasing commodity and raw input costs for their products. Colgate Palmolive, which has been performing well recently, should be a big beneficiary of this trend in 2024.
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These 2 Air Transport Stocks Could Be in for Some Sky-High Profits

A strengthening economy, which should come into play in 2024 as the result of a cessation of interest rate increases, and eventual cuts, should benefit not only cash strapped small businesses, but the consumer as well. And if there is one thing a consumer does in the U.S. it’s spend any excess cash. That spending boost should give a lift to shippers like FedEx, and shipping dependent Aercap.
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Innovating in Biotech This Stock Targets Unmet Medical Needs for Big Profit

Most biotechnology companies have a broad mandate to perform research and development that addresses the largest market possible. It makes logical sense, the largest market should be the most profitable. But Biomarin stands this model on its head, providing drug treatments for highly specialized, mostly small markets that are underserved, and overlooked, by its much larger competitors.
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This Fitness Fashion Forward Stock Could Be a Huge Winner in 2024

As you review your New Year’s resolutions perhaps you can apply a little Peter Lynch investing and buy what other people are using. Workout gear is a huge seller this time of year, but so you don’t get caught when those resolutions fade, look to a company like Skechers which should benefit from short term fitness demand, but which has also been putting in place the building blocks for longer term success.
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These 2 Construction Comeback Stocks Could Be Set to Soar

Interest rates are coming down in 2024, it’s just a question of how much and how fast. Investors at this point should shift their focus from inflation, as the Federal Reserve essentially has, to where we are, and what companies will benefit, in the current business cycle. The continued supply constraint of new homes, and a loosening of mortgage rates, should drive profits for building material suppliers Masco and Masonite Worldwide.
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