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Subhasree’s keen interest in financial instruments led her to pursue a career as an investment analyst. After earning a Master’s degree in Economics, she gained knowledge of equity research and portfolio management at Finlatics. She uses her knowledge as a fundamental analyst to help investors make informed decisions in regards to their investment portfolios.

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Does Goldman Sachs Group Stock Deserve a Place in Your Portfolio?

The shares of leading investment banking firm Goldman Sachs Group (GS) have plummeted nearly 20% in price this year amid investor fears of heightened default risk due to the war in Ukraine and U.S. regulators’ crackdown on the SPAC market. So, is GS a smart investment now? Keep reading to learn our view.
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Stocks to Avoid: 3 Companies That Have Announced Layoffs

The United States job market has exhibited resilience, adding more jobs than expected in April. Nevertheless, layoffs and hiring freezes have been sweeping across businesses this year. Amid this, we think companies that have been struggling with their growth trajectories and have implemented employee layoffs recently, such as Netflix (NFLX), Robinhood Markets (HOOD), and Carvana (CVNA), could be best avoided. Let’s discuss.
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Is Energizer Holdings a Winner in the Household Products Industry?

Leading household and specialty batteries manufacturer Energizer Holdings (ENR) posted better-than-expected earnings for its fiscal second quarter and raised its top-line growth outlook for the fiscal year. However, the company has stated that uncertainty in global economic and financial market conditions could hamper its performance. Also, considering the company’s insufficient cash inflows, is ENR a buy now? Keep reading.
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Newell Brands: Buy, Sell, or Hold?

A robust first-quarter earnings report boosted Newell Brands’ (NWL) shares this year. The company also raised its outlook for 2022. But should one invest in the stock considering the company’s insufficient cash flow? Read on.
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Citigroup: Buy, Sell, or Hold?

The shares of the renowned megabank Citigroup (C) have slumped more than 20% in price this year. Furthermore, with geopolitical issues taking a toll on the global economy and Wall Street seeing a risk of default by major banks, is C a smart investment now? Read on.
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Down 80% in 2022, Is Now a Good Time to Scoop Up Shares of Skillz?

The shares of gaming company Skillz (SKLZ) have plummeted 80% in price this year, indicating investor pessimism. Also, analysts expect the company’s earnings to decrease. However, with the company improving its user acquisition marketing efficiency, will it be able to return to profit soon? Keep reading to learn our view.
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Is First Majestic Silver Corp. a Buy Under $10?

Silver mining company First Majestic Silver Corp. (AG) has reported a sequential decline in its production in the first quarter of this year. AG’s shares have slumped more than 20% in price this year, closing the last session at less than $10. Furthermore, BMO Capital analyst Ryan Thompson has lowered the price target on the stock. So, would it be wise to bet on the stock now? Read on.
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Is Blue Apron Holdings a Buy After Announcing Capital Investment and Refinancing Moves?

Meal-kit company Blue Apron Holdings (APRN) announced capital investment and refinancing moves totaling $70.50 million last week, heightening investor interest in its shares. However, the stock is down more than 50% in price year-to-date. So, is the stock worth one's attention? Keep reading to learn our view.
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Down More Than 25% in 2022, Is Now a Good Time to Scoop Up Shares of Disney?

Leading entertainment company Disney (DIS) is rebounding from pandemic-induced disruptions but is still being impacted by several operational challenges. DIS’ shares have declined more than 25% in price this year. So, also considering the company’s political conflict with Florida, is now the right time to scoop up DIS shares? Let’s discuss.
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Is Starry Group Holdings a Winner in the Telecom Industry?

The Boston-based telecom service provider Starry Group Holdings (STRY) debuted on the NYSE earlier this year. Also, the company has demonstrated solid momentum in its customer relationship growth and network expansion. But is STRY the right choice to invest in the telecom industry now? Read on to learn our view.

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