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Ananyo’s ardent interest in capital markets, wealth management, and financial regulatory issues, led him to a career as an investment analyst. His goal is to educate individual investors by making complex financial issues easy to understand. After completing a master’s degree in commerce, Ananyo is in the midst of pursuing the CWM (Chartered Wealth Manager) certification.

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Boeing vs. Northrop Grumman: Which Aerospace & Defense Stock is a Better Buy?

The recent advancement of the Pentagon’s defense spending bill for its fiscal year 2022 in the U.S. House of Representatives, and expected stability in the department’s spending, should keep investors focused on aerospace and defense stocks in the coming months. We think two prominent players in this space, Boeing (BA) and Northrop Grumman (NOC), should benefit from this backdrop given their market dominance. But which of these two stocks is a better buy now? Let’s find out.
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Forget Salesforce.com, Buy These 4 Big Tech Stocks Instead

Despite being a prominent player in the booming tech space, shares of Salesforce (CRM) look extremely overvalued now. So, instead, we think it could be wise to scoop up the shares of the big tech companies Microsoft (MSFT), Cisco (CSCO), Intel (INTC), and International Business Machines (IBM) because these companies are well-positioned to capitalize on industry tailwinds.
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Similarweb vs. SEMrush Holdings: Which Software Stock is a Better Buy?

The software industry has grown significantly over the past year and is expected to continue benefiting from a continuation of remote working and ongoing digitization across several industries. So, popular software companies Similarweb (SMWB) and SEMrush (SEMR) are expected to benefit. But which of these two stocks is a better buy now? Let’s find out.
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5 Infrastructure Stocks with Significant Upside Potential

The potential for increased infrastructure spending is driving investor optimism about the infrastructure industry. In addition to the reopening of infrastructure activities, expected government spending we think will drive the performance of fundamentally sound infrastructure stocks Owens Corning (OC), Louisiana-Pacific (LPX), Apogee Enterprises (APOG), Quanex (NX), and BlueLinx (BXC). So, let’s pore over these names.
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2 Top Small-Cap Growth Stocks to Buy This Month

Small-cap companies with solid financials are expected to thrive in the coming months as the economic recovery gains pace. Based on this expectation, we think it could be wise to bet on small-cap companies Oxford (OXM) and NextGen (NXGN).They possess immense growth potential.
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4 Software Stocks with Tremendous Growth Potential

The demand for software solutions from several industries has been increasing at a rapid rate thanks to businesses’ ongoing digital transformation and new-age services. As such, we think it could be wise to bet on software companies International Business Machines (IBM), Gartner (IT), PTC (PTC), and Tenable (TENB). They each possess solid growth attributes and favorable analyst sentiment. Read on.
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Walmart vs. General Motors: Which Value Stock is a Better Buy?

With the major benchmark indexes hitting new highs lately, most stocks are currently trading at sky-high valuations. However, there are still some quality value stocks in the market. Both Walmart (WMT) and General Motors (GM) are examples. They are well positioned to benefit from their industry tailwinds but look undervalued at their current price levels. But which of these two stocks is a better buy now? Let’s find out.
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3 Tech Stocks Under $10 to Buy in July

Although investors rotated away from expensive technology stocks earlier this year to cyclical stocks to capitalize on the economic recovery, the tech industry expected to be dominant in the foreseeable future on the back of a digital transformation across several sectors. Indeed, the industry has been witnessing renewed investor interest lately because of this. So, we think it could be wise to bet on quality, low-priced tech stocks Rimini (RMNI), EMCORE (EMKR), and Immersion (IMMR) now. Let’s evaluate these names.
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Disney vs. Comcast: Which Entertainment Stock is a Better Buy?

The rising demand for niche entertainment products and services has been driving the entertainment industry’s growth. And Disney (DIS) and Comcast (CMCSA) are examples of companies in the sector that should benefit from the industry tailwinds. But which of these two stocks is a better buy now? Let’s find out.
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3 Large-Cap Growth Stocks to Add to Your Portfolio This Summer

Amid the low-interest-rate environment, quality growth stocks are expected to generate market-beating returns as the economy is witnessing a fast-paced recovery. Large-cap stocks Intuitive Surgical (ISRG), Illumina (ILMN), and Edwards Lifesciences (EW) possess solid growth potential. So, it could be wise to bet on them now.
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