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David Moadel has provided compelling content – and crossed the occasional line – on behalf of Crush the Street, Market Realist, TalkMarkets, Finom Group, Benzinga, and (of course) InvestorPlace.com. He also serves as the chief analyst and market researcher for Portfolio Wealth Global and hosts the popular financial YouTube channel Looking at the Markets.

David Moadel proudly serves as the Chief Analyst and Opportunity Researcher for Portfolio Wealth Global as well as a financial writer for InvestorPlace.com. David is also active on multiple social media platforms, with tens of thousands of followers on YouTube, Twitter, StockTwits, and other popular sites. His YouTube channel educates and informs a loyal crowd of followers on topics ranging from cryptocurrencies to stocks, options, precious metals, bonds, futures, and other areas of finance. With a master’s degree in education and decades of investing experience, David has the financial know-how and a passion for teaching that has boosted the bottom line of countless clients. Focusing on data rather than emotions, David is always on the lookout for new pathways to financial freedom. Count on David for wealth-building strategies and resources for investors and traders of all financial backgrounds.

Recent Articles By David Moadel

: PROG |  News, Ratings, and Charts

Progenity Stock Is a Zero-or-Hero Holding for Biotech Bidders

On the heels of a potent patent, short-squeeze target Progenity (PROG) offers excitement - and just maybe, outsized gains - for bold speculators.
: DIDI |  News, Ratings, and Charts

Ignore Rumors, Stick to Facts and Hold DiDi Global

Don't hesitate to flex your contrarian muscles and invest in unloved DiDi Global (DIDI) - but first, do your due diligence and forget the FUD.
: FAMI |  News, Ratings, and Charts

Currently Despised Farmmi Stock Could Soon Yield a Bumper Crop

Farmmi (FAMI) is trading at ultra-low prices, and contrarian investors are invited to dismiss the naysayers as Farmmi ramps up its sales.
: SDC |  News, Ratings, and Charts

Out-of-Control Expenses Make It Hard to Smile About SmileDirectClub

SmileDirectClub (SDC) stock may be the target of a pump job by social media traders, but sensible folks should give SmileDirectClub a checkup before investing.
: AFRM |  News, Ratings, and Charts

Amazon Deal and Earnings Blowout Provide Affirmation for Affirm

"Buy now, pay later" services are coming into their own in the 2020's, and Affirm (AFRM) is leading the way.
: PMCB |  News, Ratings, and Charts

After Nasdaq Uplisting, PharmaCyte Biotech Looks Ready to Rumble

There's no denying that PharmaCyte Biotech (PMCB) stock has lost much of its value over the years. However, recent developments could catalyze a price resurgence.
: SOS |  News, Ratings, and Charts

Ultra-Bear Hindenburg Might Have Been Right About SOS Limited

Between the regulatory risks and the lack of readily available company information, it's awfully hard to recommend a position in SOS Limited (SOS) stock.
: DIDI |  News, Ratings, and Charts

This Is Not the Time to Get Greedy with DiDi Global

As China continues to impose restrictions on Chinese technology firms, the downtrend in DiDi Global (DIDI) stock is likely to persist for a while longer.
: BIDU |  News, Ratings, and Charts

Downbeat Outlook Shouldn't Dissuade You From Owning Baidu Shares

As Baidu (BIDU) stock hovers near short-term lows, prospective investors should seize the opportunity in light of impressive quarterly fiscal stats.
: AI |  News, Ratings, and Charts

Take Advantage of the Smackdown in C3.ai Stock

There's a mismatch between C3.ai (AI) stock's low price point and the company's true value as a leader in the high-growth machine-learning niche.
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