About Steven Adams

After earning a law degree cum laude with a focus on securities law, Steven worked as a Nasdaq market maker for a large broker dealer, and then as a trader for an arbitrage focused proprietary hedge fund.

He subsequently worked as a consultant for a Fortune 500 consulting firm serving both government and commercial clients, including the NYSE, Prudential, FDIC, and NASA.

Steven has founded a convertible arbitrage hedge fund, a strategic consulting firm, and now makes his home at StockWarrantsHQ.com. He is a regular contributor with Investors Alley.

Recent Articles By Steven Adams

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This AI Backbone Stock Should Win Big in the AI Build Out

Picking the winners in the AI race is not an easy task. There are few small companies that are pure AI plays, and the large companies like Microsoft and Alphabet that are big players in AI also have enormous non-AI related business. But, there are some almost “pure play” AI companies out there, and this one, Vertiv, doesn’t even have a horse in the AI technology race.
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Holiday Stock Surprises: These Two Companies are Set to Thrive in 2024

As the end of 2023 rapidly approaches it’s time for investors to anticipate what some of the 2024 stock winners may be. This should include a take on interest rates, which the market now strongly believes will be cut earlier and a little more quickly than had been anticipated just a few months ago. With that in mind, let’s look at two stocks that should benefit from a downward sloping interest rate curve, Live Ventures and El Pollo Loco Holdings.
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This Company's Strategic Pivot to AI Could Lead to Massive Profit Growth

There are many ways for a company to approach the use of AI. They can integrate it in their products, inform their own strategic business decisions (such as those made in the M&A arena) and they can use it to enhance their customers' experience. But few companies are embracing the new technology as wholeheartedly as Upwork as it has pivoted from potential AI casualty to AI leader.
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Beyond Bitcoin, This Company is Here to Fortify Your Fiat

A resurgence in Bitcoin has lit a fire in the crypto market recently, with the coin jumping toward the half century mark for the first time since early 2022. But even its staunch advocates admit Bitcoin is a long way from replacing fiat currency, if it ever does. So, don’t throw out your paper money just yet. And maybe consider investing in one of the biggest creators and protectors of that money, Crane NXT.
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This Small Cap Company is Revolutionizing Vascular Health

It’s no secret that the rate cycle, combined with an AI frenzy, greatly helped mega cap stocks this past year, and greatly harmed small cap stocks in need of capital. But, there may have been some throwing out the baby with the bath water activity in small caps that are profitable and not in need of high interest rate loans. One sector that took it on the chin, and that is looking to rebound in 2024, is the medical device sector. And, with a full pipeline of products, Surmodics is set to lead the charge as the sector regains favor.
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This Stock is Feasting on Success During the Holidays

There are a lot of traditions that surround the holidays…tree decorating, giving gifts, holiday lights, festive menorahs. But one tradition stands out above the rest when it comes to getting together with family and friends and celebrating this time of year. And that is going to a holiday party and feasting on all of the holiday delights. If your holiday party finds you celebrating in a restaurant this year, you can probably thank Sysco Corp for delivering, and possibly having a hand in preparing, the food and drink you’re enjoying.
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Rising Defense Demands Will Be a Boon for These 3 Industry Leaders

As year end approaches, we’ve seen a major change in the geopolitical conflict picture as larger scale confrontations draw out, and new confrontations involve larger, and more, players than over the past few decades. This uptick in real and potential nation state conflicts means the weapons of war and defense become larger, and demand for “big ticket” defense items is growing. Huntington Ingalls, BAE Systems, and Lockheed Martin are three very large defense contractors that should see benefits from increasing global instability as nation states hike defense spending.
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These 2 Stocks May Be the Best Bargains This Holiday Season

It’s the holiday season, and we’re all looking for the best deal from our retailers. But don’t forget to check the retail bin for some bargain stocks that may have been marked down, but are now worthy of their “sale” price. The stocks of Gap and American Outdoor Brands have had a tough run this past year in a tech frenzied market, but both retailers may be ready for some holiday cheer, and one of them is already on the move.
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This Stock is the Money Secret Behind Your Favorite Online Games

As the old adage goes, selling picks and shovels to miners is a great business…because it doesn’t matter if the miner does well or not, they’ll always need the picks and shovels. In our digital world, there are lots of pick and shovel types of investments, but what you’ll find is the business providing the tools WILL do better if the miners, its customers, are doing well also. There’s no argument that digital gaming is doing quite well, and Applovin is providing the picks and shovels, in the form of advertising and analytics, that its digital “miners” need.
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Rate Cuts in 2024 Could Be a Goldmine for These 2 Stocks

Indications are growing that the interest rate cycle has topped, and that we could see Fed Chairman Powell begin moving in the opposite direction next year. If the growing evidence is correct and inflation has been “defeated”, this should allow the Fed to relax the fastest rate increase in history. That shift in policy will have outsized benefits to stocks like Alarm.com Holdings and Armstrong World Industries as the rate sensitive housing market reignites from its current smoldering state.
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