Best & Worst Performing Small Cap Stocks for November 29, 2019

: ASLN | ASLAN Pharmaceuticals Limited News, Ratings, and Charts

ASLN – ASLN leads the way today as the best performing small cap stock, closing up 64.66%.

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Here are today’s best and worst performing Small Cap Stocks (less than $2 billion market cap) for Friday, November 29th, 2019.

Best Performing Small Cap Stocks Of The Day

SymbolNameLastOpenHighLowDay ChgYTD Chg12M ChgMkt CapPOWR
ASLNASLAN Pharmaceuticals Limited3.823.
6.11%-29.26%122.43M D
CGIXCancer Genetics, Inc.8.815.549.505.543.24
22.36%1.26%18.50M D
PTPintec Technology Holdings Limited1.290.901.890.900.39
-87.68%-88.41%48.32M D
RVLTRevolution Lighting Technologies, Inc.
-66.25%-79.55%3.04M D
SQNSSequans Communications S.A. American Depositary Shares, each representing one Ordinary Share3.092.363.152.250.77
296.15%-24.26%293.74M D
SORLSORL Auto Parts, Inc.4.424.134.444.101.03
135.11%54.55%85.31M C
ADAPAdaptimmune Therapeutics plc1.170.971.170.960.22
-79.65%-77.28%122.49M F
Strong Sell
NVAXNovavax, Inc.4.854.
-86.82%-87.81%128.90M F
Strong Sell
CLVSClovis Oncology, Inc.14.9312.9916.6212.552.52
-16.87%-11.50%818.39M C
ZNZion Oil0.
-57.14%-60.00%17.57M D
CMTCore Molding Technologies Inc 3.693.113.693.110.59
-48.10%-50.20%30.51M D
SVRASavara, Inc.
-83.36%-85.78%51.93M D
SONMSonim Technologies, Inc.2.782.352.802.320.43
-74.70%-74.70%56.60M NR
Not Rated
ORMPOramed Pharmaceuticals Inc.4.413.815.003.810.67
47.00%9.43%76.66M C
MPOMidstates Petroleum Company Inc. 5.124.515.384.510.76
-31.82%-59.97%104.53M NR
Not Rated
ATNMActinium Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Delaware)
-30.77%-44.90%44.47M F
Strong Sell
SBPHSpring Bank Pharmaceuticals, Inc.4.343.734.493.680.64
-58.23%-60.72%71.51M D
MTEMMolecular Templates, Inc.13.0311.3614.0511.151.90
222.52%170.89%481.71M A
Strong Buy
NXTCNextCure, Inc.47.8140.9749.1740.976.87
140.25%140.25%1.09B NR
Not Rated
LAIXLAIX Inc. American Depositary Shares, each representing one Class A Ordinary Share2.792.402.902.380.40
-63.19%-69.00%133.78M F
Strong Sell
ADXSAdvaxis, Inc.0.510.440.510.440.07
-82.11%-92.44%8.78M D
AMRXAmneal Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 3.763.223.803.170.48
-72.21%-80.19%1.12B D
OVIDOvid Therapeutics Inc.4.263.814.403.770.54
76.03%4.93%203.70M C
ICONIconix Brand Group, Inc.
48.75%-25.62%13.96M D
UFABUnique Fabricating, Inc. 3.543.123.543.110.44
-15.13%-43.65%34.62M D
AKBAAkebia Therapeutics, Inc.6.295.606.565.510.74
13.74%-22.73%748.15M D
SLNOSoleno Therapeutics, Inc.1.731.561.731.560.20
1.17%-12.18%77.26M F
Strong Sell
JTJianpu Technology Inc. American depositary shares, each two representing five Class A ordinary shares2.101.892.101.790.24
-49.64%-53.64%354.75M F
Strong Sell
RWLKReWalk Robotics Ltd. – Ordinary Shares2.542.252.572.210.29
-41.61%-55.83%18.56M D
MRSNMersana Therapeutics, Inc.3.853.433.903.430.43
-5.64%-28.70%184.35M D
NKNantKwest, Inc.1.721.481.721.480.19
48.28%-1.15%169.19M C
OCULOcular Therapeutix, Inc.3.993.524.123.510.44
0.25%-29.51%191.84M D
JNCEJounce Therapeutics, Inc.5.414.885.484.860.58
60.53%21.03%179.77M C
VGZVista Gold Corp 0.600.560.610.550.06
14.29%30.87%60.40M D
MGENMiragen Therapeutics, Inc.0.800.760.880.720.08
-73.60%-76.61%25.43M F
Strong Sell
DACDanaos Corporation 6.956.306.956.280.69
-33.81%-54.87%106.83M D
SCPLSciPlay Corporation – 11.7810.9711.9210.661.16
-22.75%-22.75%1.49B NR
Not Rated
DFFNDiffusion Pharmaceuticals Inc.0.410.380.430.370.04
-79.40%-90.62%1.92M F
Strong Sell
PLXProtalix BioTherapeutics, Inc. (DE) 0.310.290.310.270.03
-0.32%-25.93%46.00M D
HXHexindai Inc. – ADR0.530.480.530.480.05
-79.20%-87.98%27.28M F
Strong Sell
NRCIBNational Research Corporation53.0151.9553.3750.384.97
-5.44%32.56%1.30B NR
Not Rated
MWKMohawk Group Holdings, Inc.6.005.456.245.450.55
-40.00%-40.00%106.27M NR
Not Rated
BCRXBioCryst Pharmaceuticals, Inc.2.852.582.912.550.26
-64.68%-70.31%422.85M D
MRNSMarinus Pharmaceuticals, Inc.1.321.201.331.200.12
-54.01%-68.57%71.11M F
Strong Sell
ROIARadio One, Inc. – 2.752.952.952.650.25
-6.78%10.44%132.88M NR
Not Rated
AUPHAurinia Pharmaceuticals Inc7.947.237.987.230.71
16.42%42.29%748.62M B
PPDFPPDAI Group Inc. American Depositary Shares, each representing five Class A ordinary shares2.702.542.712.520.24
-21.79%-56.45%802.85M F
Strong Sell
ASNAAscena Retail Group, Inc.0.450.420.460.420.04
-82.07%-85.78%89.66M D
MBIOMustang Bio, Inc.3.172.883.222.860.28
7.82%-17.66%128.59M F
Strong Sell
ALNAAllena Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
-59.45%-76.96%51.86M D

Worst Performing Small Cap Stocks Of The Day

SymbolNameLastOpenHighLowDay ChgYTD Chg12M ChgMkt CapPOWR
ARDMAradigm Corporation0.120.310.350.07-0.34
-62.50%-90.77%1.83M NR
Not Rated
BIOABioAmber Inc.
-96.80%-99.42%1.66M NR
Not Rated
SGYPSynergy Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
-73.68%-98.65%7.44M NR
Not Rated
DHCPDitech Holding Corporation
-5.00%-99.07%493.00K NR
Not Rated
KONAKona Grill, Inc.
-90.95%-94.57%1.26M NR
Not Rated
PHIIKPHI, Inc. – Non-Voting 0.641.041.090.55-0.39
-65.41%-93.59%10.12M NR
Not Rated
LGCYLegacy Reserves Inc.
-97.40%-99.43%4.59M NR
Not Rated
LKMLink Motion Inc. American Depositary Shares, each representing five common shares0.
-96.27%-96.25%14.66M NR
Not Rated
WLBWestmoreland Coal Company0.
-87.60%-98.74%2.82M NR
Not Rated
IPICiPic Entertainment Inc. – 0.610.800.810.55-0.19
-80.57%-90.36%7.00M NR
Not Rated
ACETAceto Corporation0.
-84.52%-98.12%4.01M NR
Not Rated
NVTRNuvectra Corporation0.
-99.20%-99.25%2.33M NR
Not Rated
IPCIIntellipharmaceutics International Inc.
-13.22%-96.60%4.60M NR
Not Rated
UPLUltra Petroleum Corp.
-81.58%-92.29%27.63M NR
Not Rated
CCIHChinaCache International Holdings Ltd.0.880.850.980.76-0.22
-22.12%-28.72%23.45M NR
Not Rated
FSNNFusion Connect, Inc.
-96.55%-98.52%4.76M NR
Not Rated
CURNeuralstem, Inc.1.521.711.811.48-0.31
-75.48%-86.78%3.19M NR
Not Rated
DMACDiaMedica Therapeutics Inc.3.153.393.413.15-0.50
8.25%1.61%37.66M C
PCOPendrell Corporation – 634.50722.22722.22634.50-88.30
-6.00%-0.39%152.28M NR
Not Rated
CAPRCapricor Therapeutics, Inc.1.551.711.731.55-0.20
-62.20%-81.10%6.58M F
Strong Sell
RMEDRa Medical Systems, Inc. 1.271.381.401.22-0.16
-84.03%-84.74%16.42M D
GSTGastar Exploration Inc
-94.29%-90.26%13.14M NR
Not Rated
AMRAlta Mesa Resources, Inc. –
-92.00%-98.20%30.61M NR
Not Rated
FULCFulcrum Therapeutics, Inc.12.3513.6813.6811.33-1.54
-8.52%-8.52%288.26M NR
Not Rated
WLLWhiting Petroleum Corporation 4.584.975.054.57-0.56
-79.81%-84.70%418.15M F
Strong Sell
FRACKeane Group, Inc. 4.555.065.094.40-0.55
-44.38%-62.37%477.68M NR
Not Rated
TAXLiberty Tax, Inc. – 9.208.609.608.20-1.10
-16.36%-35.33%117.94M NR
Not Rated
BRSBristow Group Inc. 0.290.320.320.27-0.03
-88.07%-98.37%10.38M NR
Not Rated
CJC&J Energy Services, Inc. 7.368.218.247.13-0.87
-45.48%-59.00%485.95M NR
Not Rated
MTFBMotif Bio plc – ADR0.
-98.63%-98.78%1.34M F
Strong Sell
SESNSesen Bio, Inc.
-16.90%-29.76%123.52M F
Strong Sell
GPORGulfport Energy Corporation2.372.542.572.37-0.24
-63.82%-73.10%386.28M F
Strong Sell
PIRPier 1 Imports, Inc. 8.479.559.558.25-0.85
36.61%-71.77%36.22M D
TCTuanChe Limited2.302.482.542.30-0.23
-65.93%-67.83%181.18M D
HIIQHealth Insurance Innovations, Inc. – 17.9719.9119.9117.87-1.79
-32.77%-46.55%255.39M D
ACORAcorda Therapeutics, Inc.1.601.731.761.60-0.15
-89.73%-92.31%76.85M F
Strong Sell
RASRAIT Financial Trust New of Beneficial Interest0.
-57.33%-93.45%14.81M NR
Not Rated
EVLOEvelo Biosciences, Inc.4.514.924.994.38-0.40
-65.33%-57.01%144.71M F
Strong Sell
UROVUrovant Sciences Ltd.11.3012.3912.4511.30-0.98
71.47%39.51%343.31M B
BRQSBorqs Technologies, Inc. – Ordinary Shares1.801.651.991.65-0.15
-43.75%-60.44%57.94M NR
Not Rated
XOGExtraction Oil & Gas, Inc.1.441.541.541.41-0.12
-66.43%-75.80%199.63M F
Strong Sell
INMDINMODE LTD.50.6653.0053.0048.54-3.98
273.32%273.32%1.62B NR
Not Rated
PRQRProQR Therapeutics N.V. – Ordinary Shares8.549.239.338.12-0.67
-45.88%-55.05%421.59M D
SGBXSG Blocks, Inc.
-90.39%-92.05%1.56M D
PIPPharmAthene, Inc 0.650.730.730.63-0.05
-80.00%-72.80%44.73M NR
Not Rated
UXINUxin Limited – ADS2.492.662.712.47-0.19
-48.77%-37.12%730.94M F
Strong Sell
EVHEvolent Health, Inc 7.217.737.787.10-0.55
-63.86%-72.44%610.03M D
BTXBioTime, Inc. 0.920.910.970.90-0.07
1.10%-60.18%137.67M NR
Not Rated
SUPVGrupo Supervielle S.A. American Depositary Shares each Representing five Class B shares2.803.053.062.79-0.21
-67.31%-66.98%255.75M D
TLSATiziana Life Sciences plc – American Depository Share2.702.702.702.70-0.20
-27.52%-39.77%69.36M NR
Not Rated

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