Best & Worst Performing Small Cap Stocks for February 12, 2020

: CAN | CANAAN INC. News, Ratings, and Charts

CAN – CAN leads the way today as the best performing small cap stock, closing up 82.73%.

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Here are today’s best and worst performing Small Cap Stocks (less than $2 billion market cap) for Wednesday, February 12th, 2020.

Best Performing Small Cap Stocks Of The Day

SymbolNameLastOpenHighLowDay ChgYTD Chg12M ChgMkt CapPOWR
CANCANAAN INC.8.044.428.694.413.64
31.80%-10.57%1.27B NR
Not Rated
SNNASienna Biopharmaceuticals, Inc.
-93.97%-96.10%4.33M NR
Not Rated
NENoble Corporation Ordinary Shares (UK)1.040.891.100.880.24
-14.75%-64.75%259.17M F
Strong Sell
PRTOProteon Therapeutics, Inc.0.840.750.950.630.19
104.88%-67.88%18.63M NR
Not Rated
TTNPTitan Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
49.41%-82.42%19.31M F
Strong Sell
HJLIHancock Jaffe Laboratories, Inc.0.750.580.750.570.15
36.36%-50.98%13.44M D
NHTCNatural Health Trends Corp. – Commn Stock4.473.754.503.540.87
-16.91%-71.53%51.49M F
Strong Sell
PMTSCPI Card Group Inc.0.880.710.880.690.17
-2.44%-72.65%9.86M D
KBSFKBS Fashion Group Limited2.341.992.391.980.40
18.27%-39.38%5.31M F
Strong Sell
LACLithium Americas Corp. Common Shares5.714.825.854.810.96
80.13%88.45%513.00M A
Strong Buy
ECOMChannelAdvisor Corporation 11.6910.2311.7010.051.85
29.31%3.00%328.01M C
ROSERosehill Resources Inc. – 0.980.821.030.810.15
-24.22%-64.85%42.93M F
Strong Sell
MPOMidstates Petroleum Company Inc. 5.124.515.384.510.76
-31.82%-59.97%104.53M NR
Not Rated
SQNSSequans Communications S.A. American Depositary Shares, each representing one Ordinary Share5.
66.67%35.87%118.83M C
YRDYirendai Ltd. American Depositary Shares, each representing two ordinary shares5.064.445.184.440.67
-8.83%-52.89%468.35M D
APPSDigital Turbine, Inc.6.796.016.835.950.89
-4.77%132.53%582.68M D
EVLOEvelo Biosciences, Inc.4.964.605.384.520.64
21.43%-44.58%158.18M F
Strong Sell
LOGCLogicBio Therapeutics, Inc.
13.19%-14.12%186.83M D
NMNavios Maritime Holdings Inc. 4.113.524.113.520.52
-8.26%94.79%54.86M F
Strong Sell
CPSIComputer Programs and Systems, Inc.31.8232.0035.7831.493.94
20.53%14.46%456.81M C
BWENBroadwind Energy, Inc.1.871.641.931.640.23
12.65%39.54%30.60M D
CRTXCortexyme, Inc.61.0754.1862.0052.717.48
8.78%85.68%1.64B NR
Not Rated
TCTuanChe Limited1.391.251.461.230.17
-2.80%-78.54%109.50M D
CLPSCLPS Incorporation3.363.003.483.000.41
-32.80%-78.99%46.75M F
Strong Sell
PHCFPuhui Wealth Investment Management Co., Ltd. – Ordinary Shares2.452.242.452.240.29
16.67%-47.14%27.77M D
WETFWisdomTree Investments, Inc.5.024.675.034.620.60
4.43%-20.57%779.17M D
NAKNorthern Dynasty Minerals, Ltd. 0.520.500.530.480.06
21.50%-45.73%227.05M D
MAYSJ. W. Mays, Inc.34.0831.0034.0831.003.91
12.66%-13.72%68.67M NR
Not Rated
NINENine Energy Service, Inc. 5.264.845.304.820.60
-32.74%-78.21%160.80M F
Strong Sell
ZAGGZAGG Inc8.567.648.637.610.97
5.55%-27.76%248.98M D
DQDAQO New Energy Corp. American Depositary Shares, each representing five ordinary shares75.2567.1075.4966.988.51
46.97%119.32%815.48M A
Strong Buy
ACCOAcco Brands Corporation 10.319.6711.389.671.15
10.15%12.31%999.94M B
GNPXGenprex, Inc.1.811.571.871.490.20
465.63%24.83%50.41M C
ESEAEuroseas Ltd.3.353.004.502.980.37
-17.61%-35.58%5.24M F
Strong Sell
RRDR.R. Donnelley & Sons Company 3.092.823.122.790.34
-21.77%-46.82%219.08M D
DACDanaos Corporation 7.006.327.006.300.73
-23.75%-43.82%170.60M F
Strong Sell
CASACasa Systems, Inc.4.344.174.374.150.45
6.11%-63.13%363.82M D
XENEXenon Pharmaceuticals Inc.17.1815.4117.4015.411.78
31.05%118.30%444.43M B
FINVFinVolution Group2.141.992.171.940.22
-19.25%-41.37%636.33M F
Strong Sell
JKSJinkoSolar Holding Company Limited American Depositary Shares (each representing 4 Common Shares)28.6425.4628.7625.272.90
27.35%77.12%1.26B B
SOLRenesola Ltd. American Depsitary Shares (Each representing 10 shares)1.491.381.501.370.15
5.30%-12.21%56.75M D
45.88%44.71%1.37B NR
Not Rated
CLNEClean Energy Fuels Corp.2.702.482.802.470.26
15.38%44.39%552.75M C
SPWRSunPower Corporation10.9410.2111.1810.101.05
40.26%88.62%1.56B C
TGHTextainer Group Holdings Limited Common Shares10.869.9011.059.691.03
1.40%-22.15%617.32M D
HMYHarmony Gold Mining Company Limited3.062.943.082.900.29
-15.70%48.54%1.65B C
SENSSenseonics Holdings, Inc. 1.060.971.060.960.10
15.72%-55.65%215.66M D
NRCIBNational Research Corporation53.0151.9553.3750.384.97
-5.44%32.56%1.30B NR
Not Rated
MNIMcClatchy Company (The) 0.750.700.750.700.07
56.25%-87.50%5.95M D
CETXCemtrex Inc.
-0.77%-81.88%7.63M D

Worst Performing Small Cap Stocks Of The Day

SymbolNameLastOpenHighLowDay ChgYTD Chg12M ChgMkt CapPOWR
ARDMAradigm Corporation0.120.310.350.07-0.34
-62.50%-90.77%1.83M NR
Not Rated
BIOABioAmber Inc.
-96.80%-99.42%1.66M NR
Not Rated
SGYPSynergy Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
-73.68%-98.65%7.44M NR
Not Rated
DHCPDitech Holding Corporation
-5.00%-99.07%493.00K NR
Not Rated
KONAKona Grill, Inc.
-90.95%-94.57%1.26M NR
Not Rated
PHIIKPHI, Inc. – Non-Voting 0.641.041.090.55-0.39
-65.41%-93.59%10.12M NR
Not Rated
ZOMZomedica Pharmaceuticals Corp. Common Shares0.
-63.75%-83.07%12.97M D
LGCYLegacy Reserves Inc.
-97.40%-99.43%4.59M NR
Not Rated
LKMLink Motion Inc. American Depositary Shares, each representing five common shares0.
-96.27%-96.25%14.66M NR
Not Rated
PDSBPDS Biotechnology Corporation1.321.301.361.29-0.46
-50.19%-83.29%7.63M F
Strong Sell
WLBWestmoreland Coal Company0.
-87.60%-98.74%2.82M NR
Not Rated
IPICiPic Entertainment Inc. – 0.610.800.810.55-0.19
-80.57%-90.36%7.00M NR
Not Rated
ACETAceto Corporation0.
-84.52%-98.12%4.01M NR
Not Rated
NVTRNuvectra Corporation0.
-99.20%-99.25%2.33M NR
Not Rated
WLLWhiting Petroleum Corporation 2.883.903.941.81-0.83
-60.76%-89.43%262.94M F
Strong Sell
IPCIIntellipharmaceutics International Inc.
-13.22%-96.60%4.60M NR
Not Rated
PVGPretium Resources, Inc. Ordinary Shares (Canada)7.557.728.237.43-2.02
-32.17%1.89%1.40B C
UPLUltra Petroleum Corp.
-81.58%-92.29%27.63M NR
Not Rated
BBBYBed Bath & Beyond Inc.11.7911.0012.1810.83-3.06
-31.85%-25.47%1.50B C
CCIHChinaCache International Holdings Ltd.0.880.850.980.76-0.22
-22.12%-28.72%23.45M NR
Not Rated
FSNNFusion Connect, Inc.
-96.55%-98.52%4.76M NR
Not Rated
CURNeuralstem, Inc.1.521.711.811.48-0.31
-75.48%-86.78%3.19M NR
Not Rated
RDWRRadware Ltd. – Ordinary Shares22.8325.3425.3422.75-3.77
-11.44%-6.40%1.07B A
Strong Buy
ATIFATIF Holdings Limited – Ordinary Shares1.521.591.771.50-0.23
-22.05%-69.29%55.63M NR
Not Rated
IMACIMAC Holdings, Inc.0.981.141.300.97-0.14
-34.67%-73.37%8.38M D
PYXPyxus International, Inc. 4.435.015.094.26-0.62
-50.45%-80.84%40.60M D
PCOPendrell Corporation – 634.50722.22722.22634.50-88.30
-6.00%-0.39%152.28M NR
Not Rated
MLNTMelinta Therapeutics, Inc.0.440.440.460.31-0.06
-17.15%-91.70%6.05M NR
Not Rated
BTAIBioXcel Therapeutics, Inc.18.9021.5121.7018.25-2.56
29.36%80.52%340.86M A
Strong Buy
FTNWFTE Networks, Inc. 1.501.711.711.25-0.20
-35.90%-56.27%18.26M NR
Not Rated
TBPHTheravance Biopharma, Inc. – Ordinary Shares24.6726.1126.1124.41-3.22
-4.71%-7.46%1.40B B
CPHIChina Pharma Holdings, Inc. 0.460.520.550.43-0.06
94.26%66.04%20.05M D
CSTECaesarstone Ltd. – Ordinary Shares12.3013.5013.7912.21-1.58
-18.38%-24.59%423.06M C
MORFMorphic Holding, Inc.17.5017.8318.4816.35-2.19
1.98%-2.78%533.45M NR
Not Rated
GSTGastar Exploration Inc
-94.29%-90.26%13.14M NR
Not Rated
AMRAlta Mesa Resources, Inc. –
-92.00%-98.20%30.61M NR
Not Rated
CEIXCONSOL Energy Inc. 6.987.858.246.97-0.87
-51.90%-79.61%180.79M F
Strong Sell
IIIVi3 Verticals, Inc.31.4434.1534.1530.51-3.77
11.29%27.80%861.55M A
Strong Buy
TAXLiberty Tax, Inc. – 9.208.609.608.20-1.10
-16.36%-35.33%117.94M NR
Not Rated
BRSBristow Group Inc. 0.290.320.320.27-0.03
-88.07%-98.37%10.38M NR
Not Rated
CJC&J Energy Services, Inc. 7.368.218.247.13-0.87
-45.48%-59.00%485.95M NR
Not Rated
RGSEReal Goods Solar, Inc. –
-93.10%-98.68%722.00K D
GNMXAevi Genomic Medicine, Inc.
16.44%-27.87%13.21M NR
Not Rated
TRVGtrivago N.V.2.622.672.802.30-0.30
0.00%-53.95%921.87M D
CRVSCorvus Pharmaceuticals, Inc.4.615.105.104.55-0.47
-15.26%11.62%135.56M D
SELBSelecta Biosciences, Inc.4.054.514.513.92-0.41
70.17%109.84%152.42M B
SGBXSG Blocks, Inc.3.103.403.683.02-0.31
-1.21%-94.70%3.26M D
SNMPSanchez Midstream Partners LP 0.400.440.450.40-0.04
32.58%-87.34%8.04M D
FGPFerrellgas Partners, L.P. 0.370.390.410.36-0.04
9.82%-70.39%35.95M NR
Not Rated
RMEDRa Medical Systems, Inc. 2.152.402.401.96-0.21
90.27%-68.52%28.83M D

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