Best & Worst Performing Small Cap Stocks for October 17, 2019

NYSE: PLX | Protalix BioTherapeutics, Inc. (DE)  News, Ratings, and Charts

PLX – PLX leads the way today as the best performing small cap stock, closing up 72.22%.

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Here are today’s best and worst performing Small Cap Stocks (less than $2 billion market cap) for Thursday, October 17th, 2019.

Best Performing Small Cap Stocks Of The Day

SymbolNameLastOpenHighLowDay ChgYTD Chg12M ChgMkt CapPOWR
PLXProtalix BioTherapeutics, Inc. (DE) 0.310.310.470.280.13
-0.32%-44.74%46.00M F
Strong Sell
AFHAtlas Financial Holdings, Inc. – Ordinary Shares0.620.480.700.480.14
-92.34%-93.42%7.40M D
CRRCarbo Ceramics, Inc. 2.512.102.552.100.54
-27.87%-59.52%73.74M F
Strong Sell
BIOLBiolase, Inc.1.000.841.070.780.19
1.01%-25.93%21.95M D
JAKKJAKKS Pacific, Inc.0.970.791.460.790.18
-34.01%-57.96%37.17M D
ASMBAssembly Biosciences, Inc.15.5112.6918.6212.692.79
-31.43%-38.65%398.79M F
Strong Sell
LLNWLimelight Networks, Inc.3.753.524.003.500.63
60.26%-24.40%435.75M C
ASRTAssertio Therapeutics, Inc.
-65.65%-78.35%80.38M F
Strong Sell
FRANFrancesca’s Holdings Corporation20.5217.2320.7517.053.28
76.29%-46.06%62.71M C
MPOMidstates Petroleum Company Inc. 5.124.515.384.510.76
-31.82%-59.97%104.53M NR
Not Rated
YOGAYogaWorks, Inc.
-73.53%-87.14%2.27M D
ENDPEndo International plc – Ordinary Shares4.834.305.174.220.67
-33.84%-71.67%1.09B D
CLVSClovis Oncology, Inc.3.663.263.763.210.46
-79.62%-88.36%200.05M F
Strong Sell
MNKMallinckrodt plc Ordinary Shares2.552.232.622.230.31
-83.86%-90.71%214.22M F
Strong Sell
AKRXAkorn, Inc.4.704.164.724.160.57
38.64%-34.08%591.50M D
SMTSSierra Metals Inc.
-34.09%-52.65%188.86M F
Strong Sell
AEZSAeterna Zentaris Inc.1.000.861.030.860.12
-65.99%-34.64%19.96M F
Strong Sell
LQDALiquidia Technologies, Inc.4.754.214.844.170.57
-78.07%-83.04%88.55M D
REIRing Energy, Inc. 1.871.671.901.600.22
-63.19%-77.33%126.81M F
Strong Sell
ICONIconix Brand Group, Inc.2.322.052.352.050.27
190.00%13.17%26.98M D
KZRKezar Life Sciences, Inc.3.693.273.783.270.42
-84.36%-84.22%70.62M F
Strong Sell
VOXXVOXX International Corporation – 4.854.354.864.340.55
22.47%-7.62%117.36M C
XRFChina Rapid Finance Limited American Depositary Shares, each representing one Class A Ordinary Share0.360.330.380.330.04
-64.71%-85.52%23.52M F
Strong Sell
INMBINmune Bio Inc. – Common stock4.223.814.333.740.46
-47.18%-47.18%45.42M NR
Not Rated
EROSEros International PLC A Ordinary Shares1.661.501.681.450.18
-79.98%-85.19%182.83M F
Strong Sell
PERIPerion Network Ltd – Ordinary Shares5.254.955.374.820.56
101.92%76.77%135.71M C
EKSOEkso Bionics Holdings, Inc.0.580.550.660.510.06
-53.23%-72.21%43.45M D
AACAAC Holdings, Inc. 0.400.360.410.360.04
-71.43%-94.18%10.09M D
AVGRAvinger, Inc.0.910.840.930.800.09
-69.67%-91.80%5.85M D
RNWKRealNetworks, Inc.1.631.451.631.450.16
-29.44%-32.37%62.02M D
TLSATiziana Life Sciences plc – American Depository Share5.524.916.104.690.54
-25.91%-33.89%70.90M NR
Not Rated
SQBGSequential Brands Group, Inc.0.410.370.430.340.04
-48.75%-70.90%26.82M D
CETVCentral European Media Enterprises Ltd. – 4.924.745.034.690.47
76.98%38.98%1.25B B
NRCIBNational Research Corporation53.0151.9553.3750.384.97
-5.44%32.56%1.30B NR
Not Rated
GOROGold Resource Corporation 3.743.533.763.480.35
-5.98%-37.46%245.29M D
GENGenesis Healthcare, Inc. 1.521.371.541.360.14
28.81%-2.56%250.46M C
BMIBadger Meter, Inc. 56.5455.4456.8450.665.20
15.90%13.49%1.65B C
SRRASierra Oncology, Inc.0.330.310.330.300.03
-75.00%-83.05%24.65M F
Strong Sell
ROIARadio One, Inc. – 2.752.952.952.650.25
-6.78%10.44%132.88M NR
Not Rated
AUTLAutolus Therapeutics plc – American Depositary Share12.9211.9813.2911.981.15
-60.66%-54.02%518.69M F
Strong Sell
CFMSConformis, Inc.2.312.102.322.100.20
541.67%143.16%158.65M D
ALNAAllena Pharmaceuticals, Inc.5.244.805.394.720.45
-3.85%-50.47%122.96M D
ICADicad inc.7.406.747.676.680.63
100.00%123.56%142.54M B
KALVKalVista Pharmaceuticals, Inc.12.0611.0312.1611.031.02
-38.94%-38.78%214.85M F
Strong Sell
HLTHNobilis Health Corp.
-71.43%-85.06%9.39M NR
Not Rated
APRNBlue Apron Holdings, Inc. 8.037.368.237.360.65
-47.52%-59.13%105.07M F
Strong Sell
ZEALZealand Pharma A/S27.1927.2327.2326.942.19
134.19%90.14%865.19M B
AMRSAmyris, Inc.3.763.483.793.420.30
12.57%-48.98%388.78M D
Sell, Inc. 10.9910.2211.0410.110.86
-43.09%-38.22%360.09M D
VRAVera Bradley, Inc.10.779.9410.859.940.84
25.67%-19.51%366.06M C

Worst Performing Small Cap Stocks Of The Day

SymbolNameLastOpenHighLowDay ChgYTD Chg12M ChgMkt CapPOWR
ARDMAradigm Corporation0.120.310.350.07-0.34
-62.50%-90.77%1.83M NR
Not Rated
BIOABioAmber Inc.
-96.80%-99.42%1.66M NR
Not Rated
SGYPSynergy Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
-73.68%-98.65%7.44M NR
Not Rated
PVBCProvident Bancorp, Inc.10.8210.9510.9510.75-11.33
-50.09%-60.67%104.11M C
DHCPDitech Holding Corporation
-5.00%-99.07%493.00K NR
Not Rated
KONAKona Grill, Inc.
-90.95%-94.57%1.26M NR
Not Rated
PHIIKPHI, Inc. – Non-Voting 0.641.041.090.55-0.39
-65.41%-93.59%10.12M NR
Not Rated
LGCYLegacy Reserves Inc.
-97.40%-99.43%4.59M NR
Not Rated
SYRSSyros Pharmaceuticals, Inc. – common stock6.968.008.006.50-3.14
24.96%-6.20%295.37M C
LKMLink Motion Inc. American Depositary Shares, each representing five common shares0.
-96.27%-96.25%14.66M NR
Not Rated
WLBWestmoreland Coal Company0.
-87.60%-98.74%2.82M NR
Not Rated
IPICiPic Entertainment Inc. – 0.610.800.810.55-0.19
-80.57%-90.36%7.00M NR
Not Rated
ACETAceto Corporation0.
-84.52%-98.12%4.01M NR
Not Rated
SPNSuperior Energy Services, Inc.
-95.52%-98.44%23.49M NR
Not Rated
IPCIIntellipharmaceutics International Inc.
-13.22%-96.60%4.60M NR
Not Rated
UPLUltra Petroleum Corp.
-81.58%-92.29%27.63M NR
Not Rated
ARTHArch Therapeutics Inc0.
-70.09%-58.29%27.36M D
CCIHChinaCache International Holdings Ltd.0.880.850.980.76-0.22
-22.12%-28.72%23.45M NR
Not Rated
FSNNFusion Connect, Inc.
-96.55%-98.52%4.76M NR
Not Rated
TEUMPareteum Corporation0.830.960.990.80-0.20
-50.89%-68.39%94.70M D
LLEXLilis Energy, Inc.
-83.21%-93.67%21.13M F
Strong Sell
MHLDMaiden Holdings, Ltd.0.600.740.740.60-0.13
-63.64%-81.42%49.83M D
DFFNDiffusion Pharmaceuticals Inc.1.401.601.601.31-0.30
-29.65%-76.13%6.57M F
Strong Sell
HXHexindai Inc. – ADR1.171.421.461.11-0.24
-53.20%-85.15%61.38M F
Strong Sell
PCOPendrell Corporation – 634.50722.22722.22634.50-88.30
-6.00%-0.39%152.28M NR
Not Rated
FTNWFTE Networks, Inc. 0.800.870.980.79-0.11
-65.81%-92.52%9.74M D
BRIDBridgford Foods Corporation25.8026.9828.0025.00-3.43
29.84%59.26%234.19M C
TTNPTitan Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
-87.88%-88.45%2.74M F
Strong Sell
GSTGastar Exploration Inc
-94.29%-90.26%13.14M NR
Not Rated
AMRAlta Mesa Resources, Inc. –
-92.00%-98.20%30.61M NR
Not Rated
TAXLiberty Tax, Inc. – 9.208.609.608.20-1.10
-16.36%-35.33%117.94M NR
Not Rated
BRSBristow Group Inc. 0.290.320.320.27-0.03
-88.07%-98.37%10.38M NR
Not Rated
JFINJiayin Group Inc.10.0611.1011.1510.00-1.19
-37.71%-37.71%538.21M NR
Not Rated
HOVHovnanian Enterprises, Inc. 25.2928.5828.7423.51-2.88
48.76%-33.88%150.37M B
WWRWestwater Resources, Inc.3.453.663.903.31-0.38
-50.71%-65.50%7.33M D
VIVEViveve Medical, Inc.4.804.795.254.20-0.50
-95.43%-98.68%2.24M D
LIFEaTyr Pharma, Inc.3.443.593.593.38-0.35
-50.46%-65.87%13.38M F
Strong Sell
QESQuintana Energy Services Inc. 1.501.671.841.50-0.15
-56.65%-78.72%50.26M D
ALRNAileron Therapeutics, Inc.0.410.440.440.40-0.04
-51.19%-83.84%11.40M F
Strong Sell
RASRAIT Financial Trust New of Beneficial Interest0.
-57.33%-93.45%14.81M NR
Not Rated
NBEVNew Age Beverages Corporation2.823.023.062.78-0.25
-45.77%-55.80%220.43M D
BASBasic Energy Services, Inc. 0.810.900.900.78-0.07
-78.91%-91.78%20.91M F
Strong Sell
DESTDestination Maternity Corporation0.350.350.370.34-0.03
-87.68%-92.19%4.98M D
SLSSELLAS Life Sciences Group, Inc.
-90.24%-93.77%27.34M F
Strong Sell
BRQSBorqs Technologies, Inc. – Ordinary Shares1.801.651.991.65-0.15
-43.75%-60.44%57.94M NR
Not Rated
NWHMNew Home Company Inc. (The) 4.104.474.494.10-0.34
-21.61%-45.04%82.40M D
IDYAIDEAYA Biosciences, Inc.5.916.456.505.62-0.49
-47.18%-47.18%115.12M NR
Not Rated
XOGExtraction Oil & Gas, Inc.2.322.372.422.25-0.19
-45.92%-78.54%319.56M F
Strong Sell
CHAPChaparral Energy, Inc. 0.750.820.840.75-0.06
-84.76%-95.34%34.81M F
Strong Sell
FNKOFunko, Inc. – 17.5018.9219.0517.34-1.38
33.08%-8.04%859.76M D

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